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Locating light inside the shadows: an artist’s way of coping.

Locating light inside the shadows: an artist’s way of coping.

Siddharth M aka Siddhu SP’s is a singer and song writer whose social existence boasting over 14.5k for his photography page and 9.6k on personal manage, which facilitates to draw a hard concept of a growing celebrity at the go. He is an wild life photographer and component time gamer shining in call of responsibility: mobile (CODM) participant.

Dark writing of emotions:
Siddhu mentioned that his writing alternatives are regularly darkish protecting the stereotypes and about displaying boys intellectual fitness problems that are regularly omitted by using the society. He also stated that how he is coping up with his anxiety and depression that he channels down in his songs and writing to express emotions. Sp’s first song was dedicated to a women with whom he shares no bond in current.

Anxiety even if it’s an artist:
Anxiety is a common issues this days in 2019’s research it has been confirmed 1 in every 8 people, 0r 970 million people aroun the globe were living with anxiety disorder or depressions. In 2020, the graph rose towards the peak due to Covid 19 pandemic. Whilst of prevention and treatment options are available in the market people often chose not to take any steps to avoid stigma.

Siddhu SP, fearlessly spoke about the mental health awareness. His music genre is often dedicated to those who are facing the same to make them realize they are not the only one in this war alone. SP also stated he loves spending time in nature for song writing. About a year ago he was recognized with anxiety and depressions and currently underneath the drugs but nevertheless suffers with the panic assaults resulting from it.

What to examine:
Every other humans feel anxiety but people with problems feels it greater severe and excessive. This feelings can get triggered at any point of the day despite of the situations and it might can get worse if left untreated. In addition, learning stress management skills, such as relaxation skills and mindfulness skills, can help reduce symptoms of anxiety disorders.

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