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Mumbai based Grace Network Exhibition Company completes Five Years existence celebrates occasion with party at MD Ali Bharat Dhaba, Bhiwandi

Grace Network, a Mumbai based Exhibition company completed its Five Years of existence. It called for a celebration.

Sana Khatri and Tariq Khatri hosted a grand celebration party at MD Ali Bharat Dhaba Bhiwandi. They invited all their close friends and Social Media influncers, Make-up Artist, Mhendi artist, Women Entrepreneurs that included journalists also.


Amid the celebration party, all guests congratulated and expressed their good wishes to both Sana Khatri and Tariq Khatri.

Social Media Influencers raved about Grace Network and Md Ali Bharat Dhaba:

Raja Naidu, Instagram & Youtube
My hearty Congrats to Grace Network on its completion of Five Years. Bharat Dhaba is the most ideal place for party celebrations.

Mahek Memon :

Miss Mumbra Of The Year 2020.N ayon Gold Medalist In Martial Arts

Anchor of grace network :

I am thankful to Grace Network they invited me I liked the Place Md Ali Bharat Dhaba and its food, Family atmosphere.Grac Network is doing good job for women Entrepreneurs.

Farhana Surawala
The Hurmas Beauty
I express my good wishes to Sana Khatri for doing a wonderful job in promoting Women Entrepreneurs.
Md Ali Bharat Dhaba is a must visit eatery. I cherish the good experience after having visited the Dhaba for their relishing food and the impeccable service.

Samar shaikh :
Grace Network Influencer

I Congratulate to Grace Network Team for this grand Success.

Mehvash Shaikh

Self care station (women Empowerment)

Sana khatri and Tariq khatri doing fantastic job through this platform.

Sana Gazi
Pro Mehndi Artist
It affords me immense pleasure to convey here that Our society needs a dynamic and iron lady like Sana Khatri.My good wishes goes out to both Sana Khatri and Tariq Khatri.
Apart liking the much tasty food, I admire the ambience of Md Ali Bharat Dhaba

The prime attraction of this five years anniversary party celebration was the venue

Md Ali Bharat Dhaba. The guests were floored by its ambience, courteous staff. The Mughlai food was relishing and so was the ambience.

On this occasion Sana Khatri Founder of Grace Network while interacting with Media persons stressed that, by the grace of God, our Exhibition Company Grace Network has successfully completed its five years operation. Its an auspicious moment for me. The very main purpose to launch the company was to support Women Entrepreneurs and to promote women Empowerment, through this platform. I want to promote entrepreneurship cultural among women to succeed.”

She went ahead saying Amid the five years in existence, we have organised many exhibitions and women have set their business and got good client-based to participate in our Exhibition.

She further expressed her sincere gratitude to Md Ali Owner of Bharat Dhaba. This celebration party would not been held at Bharat Dhaba had it not been for Sana’s support.

Bhart Dhaba is blended with fully family atmosphere and food is Excellent. Md Ali Bhai warmly welcomed one and all and took personal care of every guest.

Tariq Khatri, Co-Founder,
Grace Network kept himself busy attending to the guests. Hospitality was at its best.
Tariq added that the occasion meant very special and my sincere thanks goes out to one and all for their support. As of now we organised 24 Exhibitions in various parts of Mumbai viz: Byculla, Mumbai Central, Kurla, Mumbra and Jogeshwari.

Again on 11and 12 March,
we plan to organise an Exhibition named Hashme Ramzan on a large scale.

Sharing his future plans about Grace Network, he affirmed that very soon they will tie up with MSMEs and government agencies and will provide loan and funding facilities to Women Entrepreneurs through our platform.

He further thanked to Md Ali Bharat Dhaba for their whole-hearted support in organising the celebration party.

Md Ali Owner of Bharat Dhaba also took the opportunity to extended his good wishes to both Sana Khatri and Tariq Khatri on their grand success in the Event and Exhibition Industry .

Amid conversation with the media, he asserted that Md Ali Bharat Dhaba is an excellent place for parties, because we have ample space and nearly hundreds of people including children can enjoy.
We provide good quality food and good family atmosphere. That’s precisely the very reason why people prefer our place.

We believe in Good Service not merely for making Money but for good deeds.

At the celebration party Md Ali introduced Non-Veg platter Dish which was relished by everyone.
Social Media Influencers not only promoted the dish but Bharat Dhaba too.

Sana Gazi, Pro Mehndi Artist
Went on to assert that Grace Network is an ideap platform for women Entrepreneurs, and am thankful to Sana for her invite. She enjoyed the food and ambience of Md Ali Bharat Dhaba.

Kaifee Shaikh(cure Kaifee)
Tik toker and instagram celebrity went in to voice that Grace Network is growing and has proudly completed its five-year existence.

My very good wishes to Grace Network Team.This celebration party rocked cked

Nikita Naidu- Instagram Celebrity
I congratulate Sana Khatri and Tariq Khatri for grand sucess party. Bharat Dhaba is good place for party. Everyone should come and enjoy the Muglai food and the hotel’s ambience.

Farzana – Pro Makeup Artist. It affords me immense pleasure to compliment Sana Khatri for her wholehearted support to Women Entrepreneurs at all times. She is also thankful to Md Ali Bhai for his hospitality and the treatment meted out and for looking upon us as family members at Bharat Dhaba .

Nazia Sayed
Pro Make-up artist
It gives me immense pride to advocate that this Grand success party was extremely colourful with a blend of Glamour and as well as Family atmosphere.
Sana Khatri is doing a fantastic networking in promoting Women Entrepreneurs.

The celebration party concluded with Cake cutting ceremony. All social media Influencers were in a fun mood to entrain the people. Everyone looked busy to shoot Bharat Dhaba for its relishing food.
Sana Khatri and Tariq Khatri.
paid attention to every Guest very well.

Hello Mumbai News Team extend their Good Wishes for future success and hearty congrats to Grace Network for making the occasion to rave about.


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