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Mumbai Christmas celebration A 40-foot-tall community Christmas tree in Orlem spreads cheer and a smile!


Mumbai, 24 December 2022: The city feels festive at this time of year, and the excitement is at an all-time high. All age groups, regardless of caste or community, enjoy Christmas. Some sites in Mumbai are definitely worth a visit to appreciate the décor and take some cool selfies. Orlem is one such destination that lifts up the spirit of Christmas with its 40 feet tall community Christmas Tree. The Local MLA and ex-Cabinet Minister Mr. Aslam Shaikh supports this social initiative and is sponsored by Team Stacks and Racks & The Red Turtle, popular eateries situated on Link Road Malad West.

With the objective of spreading love peace joy and most importantly UNITY, the Orlem Christmas Tree welcomes everyone to come and celebrate the Christmas cheer together. Visitors can don the Santa hat by dropping off gifts for the underprivileged in the gift box placed beside the Christmas tree.

It’s a location not to be missed because of the beautiful holiday atmosphere the neighborhood creates. So if you are in town, drop by with your friends and family!

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