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Mumbai : Drunk Model’s midnight Drama on the Street of Jaipur ,Videos and Pictures goes viral on Social media

Midnight drama of topless model in inebriated mood in Jaipur street goes viral

Drunk model on the street of Jaipur .

A topless girl in an inebriated mood and who seemed to be from a good family created an ugly scene in a midnight drama in Gandhi Circle in Jaipur in full public glare. The video shoot has gone viral. The video shows the drunken girl giving flying kisses to the people present in the area taking photos of her. She was also seen asking people to exit from the area saying “Tamash Khatam Ho Gaya Ab Jao”. The identity of girl is yet unknown. The scene also created a traffic chaos.

The scene apparently reminded one of the similar enacted by Bollywood”s popular actress Vidya Balan.

Input by K.V.Raman


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