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Mumbai : I don”t want to work in Ekta Kapoor’s web series as they are too bold and nude” says Model-turned actress Riya  Sharma.

” I don”t want to work in Ekta Kapoor’s web series as they are too bold and nude” says Model-turned actress Riya  Sharma.

Riya  Sharma is no stranger to the dazzling world of glamour and neons. She is a theatre personality and model-turned actress.
It has been Rhea’s childhood dream to become an actress and earn name and fame through my dedication and hard work. Whatever status she is enjoying today in Bollywood is through the blessings of almighty God. Prior to making her entry in the acting arena she has done theatre plays and also a stint in modelling. My performance in competitions in school and college helped me to a great extent to get a footing in theatre modelling and above all in the small screen(tv) and in films said Rhea. A god father plays an important for an aspiring actor to get a break in television series and films. However, she was lucky to find a god father who helped her in getting assignment on Colors Channel, Zee Tv and Sony TV channels.
Viewers on these channels have liked her and have accepted her as an actress in different roles. This is her biggest success.

Buzz is doing the rounds these days in Bollywood on how this actress got so much acclaim and become a known figure in Bollywood. In the TV industry Rhea Sharma alias Chanda, won the hearts of producers directors and audiences with her acting skills in just a span of thus achieving a special place in the acting arena. Rhea no doubt is an actress with bold avatar. When Riya came to Mumbai, she did not know anyone.She was like

Photo shoot picture of Riya Sharma.

a stranger and unknown to the mecca of Hindi films
But it was also a dream to rule the hearts of the audience by becoming an actress in the eyes of one and all. At the same time, the sad aspect of these dreams was also that, it is not known how many people come with different dreams every day, but not everyone is lucky.
Rhea Sharma had to put in a lot of struggle to reach her present status in the industry. Proudly as of today she is ruling in the industry and winning the hearts of millions of viewers.Rhea also cited that when she came to Mumbai from Jabalpur about 6 years ago, she did not know how to get an entry in Bollywood. On the other hand, the people of the house were also angry, yet she came to Mumbai to fulfill her cherished childhood dreams to brcome an actress.
Frankly speaking she asserted that though there are people of bad influence in this industry, it does not mean that the whole industry is bad. In this way, I struggled in Mumbai for two whole years. Used to walk for the meeting. I had no money to hire an auto or taxi. By walking on the ramp helped her to make some money. or a rickshaw. She also made it known that thought never haunted her to make money through wrong source.I had my talent. I have done theater.I was confident in myself.
I do not want to do bold scenes. I dont want to work in Ekta Kapoor’s web series, because she makes very bold and nude webseries. She has never till today for getting big breaks. She is not against doing bold scenes but it must be from good production houses. Bold scenes are not to be done for videos like YouTube. Sometimes a bold scene has to be given on demand for the script. Because today it has become common. Nowadays even TV serials have bold scenes. Riya’s love story is completely empty. Because Rhea Sharma has not loved anyone till now. This is Rhea Sharma the most successful TV and Film Actress.

Compiled by: K.V.Raman

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