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Producer Shankar Naidu’s upcoming film ‘Bharateeyans’ promises to be a patriotic cinematic spectacle


Producer Shankar Naidu Adusumilli was recently in the news for his much-talked forthcoming release ‘Bharateeyans’. The film is said to be a courageous tribute to the Indian martyrs. ‘Bharateeyans’ promises to be one of the power-packed films filled with emotions and nationalism. Calling himself the son of Bharat Mata (Mother India), the film is filled with love, action, drama and patriotism.

Dr Shankar is a famous surgeon , practicing in USA over 30 years , he has removed lots of cancers as a surgeon , he aspires to remove parasites and anti nations from Bharat ( India ) .

Well, it has already raised concerns about China’s role in countering terrorism and its alignment with Pakistan. Additionally, China’s refusal to recognize Kashmir as part of India and its declaration as a disputed area will only create tensions between the two nations. With ‘Bharateeyans’, Dr. Shankar’s film supports the Indian army men and opposes China’s awful acts.

Furthermore, the producer has allegedly blamed China as the origin of the devastating COVID-19 pandemic which killed nearly 70 lakh people across the world. Expressing his dismay over the loss of 20 brave soldiers in the Galwan Valley in June 2020, Dr. Shankar urges every citizen to be united. ‘Bharateeyans’ is written and directed by Deena Raj, and stars Nirroze Putcha, Subha Ranjan, Sonam Thendup Barphungpa, Samaira Sandhu, Peden O Namgyal, and Rajeswari Chakraborty in leading roles.

Lastly, Shankar Naidu revealed, “The Bharatiyas (Indians) need to demonstrate courage, unity and strength. We cannot be naive and remain silent about China’s actions. Just like the Ashoka pillar’s four lions imply power, courage, confidence and provide, we need to be resilient to safeguard our country. Jai Hind!” Produced under the banner of Bharat American Creations, the film is slated to release in cinemas on July 14, 2023.


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