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Sexy Siren! Watch out for Urvashi Dholakia’s hot avatar in Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa


Few days back, news was out that Urvashi Dholakia had suffered toe injury, but was still going to perform her dance act in Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa. Whoever has seen this week’s episode, her performance can’t be forgotten especially the news of her toe fracture. After all, Urvashi left everyone spellbound with her steamy performance with choreographer and partner Vaibhav Ghuge.

“It feels very nice when you perform without any hesitation, without any issues. To perform non-stop for 2:30 min, from keeping eyes open in extremely high-pressure water which can cause breathlessness as well and to finish the performance even though toe was broken… But, I am glad that it all went off smoothly. It is always a relief once the performance is over because in that moment you don’t really think of anything else. You just want to make sure that you give 100 percent as much as you can and not let your choreographer down; that’s the most important thing. He or she puts in a lot of efforts for you,” Urvashi Dholakia shared about her latest Jhalak performance.

Giving details about the status of her injury, Urvashi revealed, “I will have to have taping for the comings week’s act as well mostly and then it all depends how it’s going forward from there. It all depends on the next act as I have barely got any healing time. We have been rehearsing every single day post injury except for the one day I had gone for my X ray to find out it was broken toe. There is no mobility in my toe, it’s going to take a while I guess, but I am ok with it. It didn’t stop me in my first competitive week and it’s not going to stop me for how many ever weeks I am there in the show. I am hoping that I’m in the show right till the end.”

Urvashi always on the lookout for opportunities to do something different. She was last seen as Lawyer Devi Singh Shekhawat in Pushpa Impossible, and this was her first positive character, 20 years after Komolika. In Jhalak, she will prove that she can do a lot more things and that as an actress she has lot of potential to do different kind of roles.

With her latest dance act in Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa, she has proved she is heroine material. Here’s hoping to see more of Urvashi’s talent on other platforms too.

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