Actor-Director Nileish Malhotra’s film receives overwhelming response at NFDC FILM BAZAR during the IFFI 2022 in Goa

Actor-Director Nileish Malhotra’s film receives overwhelming response at NFDC FILM BAZAR during the IFFI 2022 in Goa

Actor, director and Producer Nileish Malhotra creates a huge buzz at the NFDC FILM BAZAR that is currently underway at the IFFI 2022 in Goa. Malhotra has acted in 5 Bollywood films as a leading hero  and 3 Hollywood films in a major role, and TV actor having done over 15 top TV shows and has modelled for over 35 products.

His journey as a film producer began when he launched his production house Malhotra Productions with Mohre in 2008 (featuring Sheeba, Nikki Aneja, Tom Alter and him) directed by Niraj Pathak. In 2013 his journey started as a Director a with  his first  English film ‘Hanki Panki’ in co-production with Scotland’s production company. Hanki Panki had over 95% Scotish people of its cast being non-actors, he directed and acted as a leading man and one of the producers. This film was selected at Cannes Film Festival in 2013 out of 80 countries and 50000 Films.

Nileish Malhotra is now in NFDC for promotion of his 2nd  film as a Director, Actor and one of the Producers in his film ‘Misty Pay’ that is due for release. He is a producer of this film and directed and acted in it as well. Sukhwinder Singh is the music director with the 3 times Oscar Award nominated Hollywood DOP Jack Conroy. Zeenat Aman, Javed Sheikh, Karan Khanna, Nikita Anand, Rajat Bedi and Nileish Malhotra are leading actors.

For the purpose of distribution and marketing of Malhotra’s film Misty Pay is entered in the viewing room in NFDC and is shot in Malaysia and India. “I have received an excellent response from major distributors and hopefully would be able to tie-up with the best one. Another announcement I would like to make is that I am in advance talks of joining as a co-producer of a subject that I had been long working with a concept for a film titled as Spanish Princess of Kapurthala. A matter of chance is that this production house has already begun work in Spain and launched its teaser in NFDC Film Bazar. They are ready with the script with a Hollywood director and Hollywood Spanish actress along with Indian actors,” announced Nileish Malhotra.

Nileish further adds about the movie, “The film is a Bio-pic with a storyline of the Spanish princess of kapurthala and  Maharaja of Kapurthala who frequently visited Europe and when in Spain he came fell in love with a girl and decided to marry her. The film is from the point of view of protagonist, the Spanish dancer Anita. A Hollwood actress will play the role of Anita the princess and the Maharaja would be an Indian actor. The film will be shot 70% in India and the rest in Spain and other parts of Europe.”

Spanish Producers Juan Antonio Casado and Davide Cottarelli are here in FILM BAZAR. An elated Antonio said, “I am delighted that The Princess of Kapurthala has been selected to be co-produced. It is the only Spanish project in this film festival. The last that Spain participated in this festival was in 2012. An agreement has been signed officially yesterday with Spanish delegation from the Ministries with the authorities of the festival. More Spanish producers will now positively look forward for Indian collaboration.”

“The role of Maharaja of Kapurthala will be played by an Indian actor while the protagonist Anita Delgado who then was named as Princess Prem Kaur of Kapurthala. Top Hollywood actors will be signed for this film and we are looking for actors of calibre such as Ana Dearmas, Al Pacino and Antonia Banderas. Michael Radford will direct this film which is budgeted to be around 10-15 million Dollars. The film will have 3 versions – English, Spanish and Hindi,” added Juan Antonio Casado.
News Input and Picture by Ramakant Munde 


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