Home National Alert Today Heat wave to strike Mumbai, pune and Nasik, in 48 hours

Alert Today Heat wave to strike Mumbai, pune and Nasik, in 48 hours


Heat wave to strike Mumbai, Pune and Nashik in 48 hours.

Following pointers will help you prevent heat exhaustion or heat stroke

1. Limit your exposure to heat and sun especially between 10am to 4pm

2. Stay hydrated.
Hydrate your body every hour by drinking a glass of lemon water, coconut water, Aam paana, Chass or plain water especially if you are walking under the sun.

3. Eat mint, onion, raw mango, cucumber, watermelon. Take at least some quantity of onion, mint with your meals. Onion is a natural heat pacifier and mint is a very cooling herb.

4.Avoid alcohol, soft drinks and beverages containing caffeine like tea, coffee they increase the risk of dehydration.

5.Wear comfortable, light coloured cotton clothing. Remember to protect your head by wearing a hat or a cap, use an umbrella.

6.Pay special attention to at-risk people.

Children and seniors are more prone to heatstroke since their bodies do not manage temperature variations as effectively. Give them something to drink often and keep them in a cool place. Certain health problems such as obesity, hypertension, alcoholism, mental illness and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease render people more vulnerable to heatstroke and require particular attention.

7. Avoid extreme exercises and take cool baths or showers.


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