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American Vs. European Roulette: What are the Differences?

American Vs. European Roulette: What are the Differences?

American roulette and European roulette remain the most popular variants of the game worldwide. These two variants are pretty similar but with minor differences in their rules and pattern.
Differences Between American and European Roulette

Roulette is one of the oldest casino games in existence, yet it has managed to stay relevant in the gambling industry. It has even risen more in prominence in recent years due to its popularity in online casinos. Today, the game is an essential component of every casino establishment, whether online or land-based.
The history of roulette began in 17th-century France. But since it also partly evolved from the Italian game “Biribi,” many people assert that it has some Italian roots. The game has evolved so much over time into several variants that are played all across the world. However, American and European roulette remain the two most popular variations of this famous casino game. Although these two versions are pretty comparable, they have few differences.
Compared to these two, other roulette variations, like double ball roulette, seem more distinctive. Double ball roulette, for example, uses two balls instead of the typical one ball common in conventional roulette games. The game also comes in other variants, including mini, rapid, multi-wheel, and French roulettes. French roulette is almost the same as European roulette; the only slight distinction is the difference in the betting board design. Irrespective of the difference in aesthetics, structure, and regulation, it’s noteworthy that the game’s concept and principle are still the same across all of its variants.
Today, most of these roulette variants are only available at online casinos. However, American and European roulette is still a significant feature in land-based casinos. And with the latest prevalence of online betting, online European roulette and American roulette keep gaining prominence.
Due to their remarkable resemblance, most people assume that American roulette and European roulette are the same or mistake one for the other. This article will compare and highlight the distinctions between American and European roulette.
A glance at the wheels of both American and European roulette variants reveals slight differences in the layout of the wheel’s pocket. However, this difference is not just for aesthetics because it also significantly impacts the game. Both American and European roulette wheels have 18 black pockets, 18 red pockets, and a green pocket for the single zero (0), totaling 37 pockets. The additional double zero (00) green pocket in the American variant distinguishes the two.
Therefore, the odds for winning a single bet in European roulette is 1 in 37, whereas it is 1 in 38 for American roulette. Although the differences in these odds may appear insignificant, they determine the house edge for the game. That is why the house edge for European roulette is smaller (2.7%) compared to the 5.26% in American roulette. As a result, some players prefer European roulette because the lower house edge means they have a better chance of winning.
Numbering sequence
The extra double zero in American roulette is not the only physical difference in the layout of the games. The arrangement and sequence of the numbers on both variants are completely different, too, even though the color patterns are still the same. The American roulette wheel has an anti-clockwise sequence of numbers, unlike the European version. However, aside from the extra zero, the difference in the arrangement of the numbers does not influence the game odds. Also, the two variants begin with zero, but the extra double zero in American roulette is added in the middle of the sequence.
Rules of the Game
Playing roulette is simply about predicting which pocket on the wheel the roulette ball will land on. If it lands on the pocket you predicted, you win; if not, you lose. When you predict a number and the ball lands on the “0” pocket instead, you lose half of your stake in American roulette. When this occurs, the house is said to take a cut.
On the other hand, the “en prison” rule applies in European roulette instead of the house cut. The rule allows you to spin again without reducing your stake, giving you another opportunity to redeem your stakes. However, if the next spin lands the roulette ball on 0, you lose your entire stake in both game variants.
Another European roulette rule different from American roulette is the “call bet” rule. It is also called the announced bet. The rule allows players to place a bet without putting any chips on the table like you would with a conventional wager. That is, when a player calls out a bet, the dealer places it without prior payment, technically allowing the player to bet on credit. However, the player must make the appropriate payment once the bet is placed.
Some of these options may not be available on some online versions of the game. So, you should review the game’s rules listed on your preferred online platform to ensure that you understand them.
American and European roulette are the two most common variants of roulette. Even though the two versions appear identical, minor variations exist in the game’s structure, numbering order, and rules. Parimatch is an excellent betting platform to visit if you want to wager on any game.


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