Betting on eSports in 2022

Betting on eSports in 2022

Betting on eSports in 2022

Betting on eSports is getting more popular evey year according to The most famous games are played at a professional level and followed live by enthusiasts from all over the world.

The competitive video games are played on the computer, gaming computer, tablet and even on smartphones. The online bookmakers have therefore not been idle and offer eSports competitions almost daily. Players can therefore easily bet on the participants and win prizes.

When can one speak of eSports?

ESports are computer games played at a professional level. The games are competitive and are played in teams as well as individually. ESports can therefore be compared to the well-known sports, such as professional football and basketball.

Its popularity is enormous, so that computer sport could easily become an Olympic discipline. There are a few factors that can determine whether a game falls into the eSports category. First of all, the game must be competitive and players must actually be able to play against each other. A referee must also be present at an eSport match.

Betting on eSports: live

In addition to sports betting, like cricket, the number of bets on eSports has also increased. A few days in advance, the first eSport bets are already put online by betting sites like Dafabet or other popular brands in India. The pre-match bets offer a good insight into the odds of the participants. However, it is even more exciting to bet live on eSports. A player can place another bet on the duel while the eSports match is in progress.

In most cases, the professional game matches can only be seen live on Twitch. The live betting offer will not disappoint. Live betting on eSports can be done on the computer, smartphone and tablet.

The most famous eSport games

It is possible to bet on the large and small eSport tournaments at the online bookmakers. The best-known games in the range are League of Legends, CS:GO (Counterstrike), Starcraft 2 and Dota 2. In addition, Overwatch, Smite, Heroes of the Storm and HeartStone are also played at a professional level.

The sports games are especially popular with the bookmakers, such as the NBA (basketball) and FIFA (soccer). The best-known eSport games are therefore offered both pre-match and live at the bookmaker. The matches can be followed live via the platform. It is not yet possible to watch a livestream from the bookmaker.


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