Borivli resident Shirvalkar arrestted in Facebook con and extortion case



Social Media has emerged as a platform for cons to indulge in various crimes to make quick money. People fall victims to such cons unknowingly.

In a recent case of social media crime, Sushant Shirvalkar a 39 year old man used to chat with elders in guise of a woman from the building and extorted money from them under threat to make their sweet nothings public.

Several middle-aged men of a Borivli residential complex were trapped by the beauty of an an attractive woman on Facebook, who lived in the same society.

Conman Sushant would ask them for money for some noble cause and they would readily pay until it became a habit. Then, he would start blackmailing them using their flirty texts. That was until a 50-year-old resident fell in the trap, but only briefly. He got the police involved and the 39 year old man posing as woman from the same society was nabbed.
It is intriguing that when people are aware of cyber crimes yet they fall victims to cons.
Sushant’s crime is an eye-opener for people to keep distance from such cons.

News Input: K.V.Raman



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