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Chuha Scam In Mantralaya Khadse Demands Inquiry



‘Chuha Scam’ in Mantralaya and my demand to inquiry into the matter, this statement of former Revenue Minister and strong bjp leader Eknathrao Khadse’s stormed the house on Thursday. Mr Khadse demanded an inquiry into a rat company given a contract to kill the rodents, Mr Khadse questioning as to how the company which was given a contract to kill 3,19,400 rats in Mantralaya accomplished the task in mere seven days. While the Bmc took two years to kill around six lakh rats in Mumbai.


A survey found that there were 3 to 3,19 400 rats in Mantralaya and work orders was issued in this regard. According to Mr Khadse about 45,628 a day were killed around 31.68  rats every minute. This work could have been done by ten cats, he  laughed.


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