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Haj Subsidy ends by Modi Government ,Big lies alleged Nizam Uddin Rayeen


Haj Subsidy ends by Modi Government’s decision sparked the political controversy and everyone raising the question saying it is an eye wash decision and Hindu Muslim vote bank politics.
” Haj pilgrims will no longer receive any subsidy this year onwards , with the government saying ,it is a part of the Modi Government’s efforts to empower minorities with dignity and without appeasement , around 1.75 (one lakh seventy five thousand people) will go to Haj this year, this decision will support to the Minority and will use this funds for their empowerment , ” Said Union Minister for Minority affairs Mukhtar Abbas Nadvi.
Nizam Uddin Rayeen Chairman ‘Ekta Forum ‘ said it’s a big lies of Modi Government’s decision to withdraw haj subsidy and polorisation of the Hindu Muslim vote bank. Muslims had for long been demanding that the subsidiary be done away with.
” Nizam Uddin lashed out at the Government for ending Haj Subsidy but allowing subsidies to continue for Hindu pilgrimages like Amber nath yatraa , the amount of 700 hundreds crores of subsidy never used by any Haj pilgrimage it directly went to Air india’s account and it was misuse of politicians, State and center Haj Committe , Air India used this money ,the subsidy amount is never deposited in haji ‘ s account , Supreme court already ruled in 2012 that haj subsidy should be phased out over a 10 years period, mean by 2022, the sudden withdraw of subsidy seems vote bank game of Modi Government, alleged Nizam Uddin Rayeen.
He further added government should consider floating global tenders for cheaper air fare for Haj Pilgrims, process for tenders for air tickets “I am sure most airlines will agree to scalling down their fares. , “.says Nizam Uddin Rayeen.


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