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Hello Mumbai Says Hello to Pricing

Hello Mumbai Says Hello to Pricing
Step into the future of content powered by AI

Hello Mumbai News is a pioneer in its own right for providing a steady stream of news to readers as and when it’s happening with a 24-hour live online portal. In an unprecedented move, Hello Mumbai has now furthered its endeavour to provide the best reading experience to its readers by partnering with Kunato to become an AI-enabled news platform.

By using Kunato.Ai, the patented technology of Kunato Valuation that monetises articles on the internet in real-time, Hello Mumbai now enables readers to consume content based on the pricing metric and demand. If this seems odd, take a moment to look around you. Everything we consume, from food to movies, has a price. What this new partnership aims to prove is that content should also be consumed, not by popularity but by value.

Readers are able to see a value beside every article that is not static but changes in real-time to reflect user demand, trends and impact on a graph. This pricing metric allows readers to gauge how valuable a piece of news is before choosing to consume it and also allows users to revisit older pieces of news that were overlooked but which they now see could be valuable to them.

As India’s digital market rapidly progresses, over 6 million articles and blogs are published on the internet daily (source: Dailynews). That’s about 70 articles every second. So, by the time you’ve read this article, thousands of others would have been published already. In this growing maze of information, content pricing done by innovative products like Kunato Valuation are of utmost importance as it allows users to cut through the excess content and fake news to reach important information. On this news portal, you’re in the driver’s seat as you decide what to read based on what will give you the most value for your time.

This valuation is provided by Kunato, a content-monetising service provider based in New York with offices in San Francisco, New Delhi and Bangalore, which aims to change the face of content as we know it today with its product Kunato Valuation. With an incredible growth from 12,000 to 18 million active users in its first 5 months of operation, Kunato has teamed up with Hello Mumbai to say hello to a new world of content valuation


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