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    India’s Top Bookie Sonu Jalan Arrested by Thane Crime Branch ,racket busted by Encounter Specialist Pradeep sharma

    *Police Mahanagar Breaking:-* India’s Topmost bookie *Sonu Yogendra Jalan alias Sonu Malad* arrested by Anti Extortion Cell Thane.
    Currently, Sonu Jalan is considered to be a big shot bookie in Mumbai’s Satta Bazaar. Sonu Jalan had clients and punters in Afghanistan, Pakistan, South Africa and Saudi Arabia. In India, the gang has its associates in Delhi, Kolkata, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Haryana. He resides in Agarwal Residency in Shankar Lane, Kandivali (W). He has been arrested several times by the Mumbai Police in connection with cricket betting .He has been arrested just now by Anti Extortion Cell Thane, Team led by Senior Police Inspector Pradeep Sharma.🙏🏾🐯

    Image Courtesy by ABI and India Today.



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