Maha Health Dept issues High Alert amid rise in H1N1 cases in Mumbai

Maha Health Dept issues High Alert amid rise in H1N1 cases in Mumbai


With H1N1 cases on the rise and ahead of Diwali, the Maharashtra Health Department has issued Health Alert to Mumbaikars.

The Health Department alerts people that to avoid infections like swine flu, state health and those with low immunity and higher comorbidities need to stay away from big gatherings and seek timely medical advice.

This alert comes in the wake of
new “more dangerous” Covid variants emerging in China, and health warnings for a harsh infection-ridden winter in Europe.

Reportedly there is an alarming rise in Swine Flu and people are warned not to visit crowded places or travel in crowded public transports including the Mumbai’s Lifeline, the local train.

The health department also suspects of rise in influenza-like illnesses and severe acute respiratory illnesses. There is no better way to stay safe but to avoid crowded public places as such diseases are contagious and spreads fast.

Notably, Maharashtra reported 204 swine flu deaths and 3,585 cases till October 10. Health officials have attributed this to a reduction in immunity levels and comorbidities, especially in elderly persons.

As per State Surveillance Officer Dr Pradeep Awate all district collectors and health officers have instructed to watch for ILI and SARI patients in their districts, adding that many patients exhibiting these symptoms are testing positive for influenza A. Last year, there were barely any cases of swine flu or influenza.

News Edit: K.V.Raman


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