Milind Dighe founder of Prakaa Consultants LLP honoured with Business and Social Entrepreneur of the year by SVAG Entertainments at Dadar Carnival festival

Milind Dighe founder of Prakaa Consultants LLP honoured with Business and Social Entrepreneur of the year by SVAG Entertainments at Dadar Carnival festival


Needless to stress that the popularity of Prakaa Consultants LLP is growing by leaps and bounds in popularity day-to-day. People have reposed full faith in the startup and this too is escalating day-to-day.

To cite a recent example is that  Prakaa Consultants LLP was honoured with ” Business & Social Award in the category of Real Estate and Most Trusted weekend Homes by SVAG Entertainments at Dadar Carnival festival.

It was a moment of pride for Milind Dighe founder of Prakaa Consultants LLP  While expressing her creditable honour in bagging this rare He said “we, the entire dedicated Team and me are highly thankful to SVAG team and Mr Sadanand pawar  for recognising our work and finding  Prakaa Consultants LLP worthy for the honour. I am privileged to know Mr Sadanand pawar since many years look upon them as thorough professional and sincere in their work. Such type of honour and recognition inspires and encourages us.

Brief Introduction Milind Dighe:

Milind Dighe is a dynamic entrepreneur and the founder of PRAKAA CONSULTANTS LLP. Apart from his ten years of experience in digital marketing, he’s also a nature enthusiast and an experienced traveler.

Milind is known for his expertise in transforming the marketing of Weekend Home Projects using creative methods, promoting real estate ventures across the country. Beyond business, he’s involved in talk shows, marathons, education, immigration consultancy, and charity work.

In addition to his business ventures, Milind is the creative mind behind the Mind Parachute Trainingz Talk Show. He also serves as an Honorary Director of Information Technology at the Indian Development Foundation, a well-respected national-level NGO, showcasing his commitment to societal progress.

Milind’s strong dedication to empowering orphan girls and supporting various causes through NGOs has not only gained recognition but has also earned him multiple prestigious awards, highlighting the positive impact of his contributions.

Key Highlight of the Event 

The much-anticipated Dadar Carnival kicked-off its two-day celebration on Saturday, 16 December. This Carnival organised by Seabuzz witnessed the attendance of thousands of people from different parts of Mumbai.

The prime highlight of this two days Carnival was that on the first day, this colourful cultural event was graced by MNS Chief Raj Thackeray’s wife Sharmila Thackeray.

In the midst of this event, the Business and Social awards function was conducted by SVAG ENTERTAINMENTS and people from different fields were honoured.The First Day event garnered overwhelming response.

While addressing the audience Sharmila Thackeray asserted that its a good and colourful cultural festival which needs to be promoted. Nevertheless, her support goes out to Manali Kamat and feels elated to be a part of this Festival.

Whereas Sadanand Sakharam Pawar – President & Global CEO of SVA CORPORATION asserted that through this platform they want to promote small MSMEs and business owners. People visit the Carnival, go shopping and enjoy the Music and theme of the Carnival.

While speaking with Hello Mumbai News Team Mrs Manali Kamat Founder CEO and Admin of Seabuzz Asserted that they have been organising this Dadar Carnival-Festival-Cum exhibition since the last 5 years.
Right from day one, they have been getting overwhelming response. Their prime motive is to promote women Entrepreneurs and to support them in their business.. She further added that in this festival people can shop and enjoy the Music,Dance and relish the Konkani food,.Goan fish etc.

Anushka Sadanand Pawar – Founder of SVAG ENTERTAINMENTS says this DADAR carnival has become a big platform for the women entrepreneurs & startup founders have also become a good entertainment centre during this festive season.

List of other Awardees:

Manoj Chavan MNS kamghar leader

James Raphael: Retailer Associations Skill Council of India 

Raj Shetty :Team HR 
Manali Kamat : Seabuzz

Milind Dighe shared his view watch Below Video 


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