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Molestation FIR registered against Noorul Amin Shaikh General Secretary Islam Gymkhana and Rayaan Razmi

Molestation FIR registered against  Noorul Amin Shaikh General Secretary Islam Gymkhana and  Rayaan Razmi


In a bizzare turn of incident, South Mumbai “s iconic Islam Gymkhana was gripped in fresh controversy. The cause is ruled as a brawl between Nooru Ameen Shaikh, General Secratery Nooru Amin Shaikh and his associate Rayaan Razmi.


Image file of FIR Copy.

Now Marine Lines Police station has registered a case of Molestation and FIR against Nooru Amim Shaikh and Rayaan Razmi police booked both accused  them under section 354,504, 506,509,34 of IPC Act.

Ironically, the Police has not made any arrest as yet..

Speaking with Hello Mumbai News over phone the complainant explained the entire incident, saying
” I am newly member of Islam Gymkhana, but my Father is one of the oldest Member of the Gymkhana since 25 year.

Islam Gymkhana has recently been renovated and has introduced many new facilities like spa , gymnasium etc.

However, as a member I was not privileged to avail proper facilities. Hence I have been repeatedly requesting the Management of Islam Gymkhana to redress my problem. But for reasons best known to the Management of Islam Gymkhana, but none have bothered to pay heed to my repeated complaints.

On Friday Noor Ameen Shaikh forcefully entered the Women’s Changing Room and Started yelling at me further threatening me and my father. He even had the audacity to touch my body me inappropriately touch my body and sexually assaulted me.

After this incident I approached Marine Lines Police Station who took my issue seriously and registered an FIR against the two accused Noor and Ameer.

Its my personal appeal to Managemnt of Islam Gymkhana to cancel the Membership of Noor Ameen Shaikh . He doesn’t know how to respect a women and her dignity.
After this incident, We women are feeling insecure in Islam Gymkhana. I have also appealed to the Police to initiate legal action against the accused as soon as possible.

Fir copy Image.

complainant: Fatima Rajkot wala

FIR No : 640

Date: 21/10/2022

Time: 7.30 Pm

At : Marine Lines Police station

Brief About the Incident :

As per Victim”s Complaint copy:

On Friday at around 07.30 PM my father came in the Spa Room, and I narrated all the incidence of the management not providing me the facility of the Masseur, and then I went to the Changing Room, to get dressed. Sometime in 5 minutes of my father’s arrival, Mr. Noorul Amin Shaikh came inside the Spa Room; which is prohibited as per the rules of Islam Gymkhana for males to enter if there are females inside it; and started abusing me and my father and inspite of my father informing him about me getting dressed. he did not heed to my father and forcibly pushed the door of the Changing Room and the lock opened up by his push and I was not dressed in the upper part and was just wearing Track Pants and was about to wear my Bra. I was shocked and then Mr. Noorul Amin Shaikh pushed me with both his hands which touched my breast and I fell down and then I immediately stood up and wore my T Shirt and came out of the Changing Room with tears in my eyes. In the meantime my old father aged about 65 years tried to pull Mr. Noorul Amin Shaikh but he being tall and well built pushed my father and abused and threatened my father by saying; “ TU AUR TERI BETI KO SABAK SIKHANA PADENGA AUR TUM DONO KO MEIN GOLI MARWA DUNGA TUMLOG JANTE NAHIN HO MERE PARTNERS UNDERWORLD KE BADE LOG HAIN. MERE SMUGLING KE KAAM ME UNDERWORLD KE LOG SAATH ME HAI AUR WOH LOG TUM KO GAYAB KARDENGE. MERE PARTNER KA NAAM SUNOGE TO PISSAB NIKAL JAYENGI USKA NAAM SALIM FRUIT HAI.” I and my father were terrified and then Mr. Saad, Ms. Heena, Mr. Hanif (Manager of Islam Gymkhana), Mr. Chaudhary and Mr. Rayaan Razmi, entered the Spa Room and then Mr. Rayaan Razmi also accosted me and used abusive language and called , “ CHINAL and RANDI “ and he pushed me and in the process touched my breast. Then Mr. Saad, Mr. Hanif and some other person/s pulled and took Mr. Noorul Amin Shaikh outside the Spa Room.

While leaving the Spa Room Mr. Noorul Amin Shaikh threatened to assault my father and used threatening and abusive language. My father then went to complain about the incident to the President Mr. Yusuf Abrahni and after listening to my father’s grievance, he assured him that he shall take action against Mr. Noorul Amin Shaikh.

Note: The story is based on FIR copy which  was provided by the victim Images which we used in the story are Third party from Goggle search and Social Media.



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