Home Central Mumbai AAP Leader Chetan Kamble conducts Reality Survey on Mumbaikars Health Issue

Mumbai AAP Leader Chetan Kamble conducts Reality Survey on Mumbaikars Health Issue

Mumbai AAP Leader Chetan Kamble conducts Reality Survey on Mumbaikars Health Issue

What’s happening in KEM?

This evening a group of volunteers representing the AAP under the leadership of the Dadar in charge Chetan Kamble did a reality check survey to understand the status of the public healthcare system in Mumbai.

Armed with a questionnaire, the volunteers met with many-a-patient to genuinely understand their situation but also to check on the delivery of promises as is mandated under the notion of being a free government hospital.

Much to their dismay, the reality was far from the assurances as virtually all respondents to the questionnaire were required by hospital staff, to buy all necessary medication from the plethora of medical stores located just across the main gate. It takes no genius to know that commission are definitely a factor here as even basics like bandages, syringes and cotton let alone life saving drugs were to be purchased from outside. Many bills of recent purchases were also recorded at site.

What made things worse was the genuine plight of the people from farmers to simple folk hailing from Mumbai, Maharashtra and North India many who pay their taxes in the state and come here with their Hopes held high, are literally being fleeced like scenes right out of the Bollywood movie “Babbar is Back”.

It is very unfair that even after honest citizens pay their taxes they are subjected to economic and psychological bloodletting while politicians themselves enjoy five star treatment in private facilities utilizing public funds.

The AAP thus understanding the reality and the gravity of their plight ranging from outsourced medication to pathetic toilets and bed bug infested beds, that too if you are lucky to get a bed let alone attention from the staff, realized that the government failing their promises to the people is a far cry from the reality. Imagine you holding your nose and afraid to touch the walls and doors of a toilet located in a hospital that was made for you using your taxes and are instead forced to pay up at private toilets located in the same premises. If you don’t like it then why are we tolerating this for our own brothers and sisters.

If our culture tells us to place others before the self then the AAP and you as a responsible citizen to voice out your disgust against this. This needs to stop.

The AAP, wanting to bridge the gap in the services offered in Delhi and Mumbai and wanting the people of Mumbai to actually live a more deserving dignified life, will continue to scout out such issues and bring to light the real underbelly of Mumbai hidden under the rose scented wordings of politicians who claim to know the very people.


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