Mumbai building Collapsed 2 died ,list of injured persons on Hello Mumbai


*Building Collapse at Dongri (16/07/2019)*
*Updates as of 15:00 PM*
Names of the deceased
1. Sabiya Nisar Shaik F/25 (JJ Hospital)
2. Abdul Sattar Kalu Shaik M/55 (Habib Hospital)

Names of the Injured
1. Firoz Nazir Salmani M/45 (JJ Hospital)
2. Aisha Shaik F/03 (JJ Hospital)
3. Salma Abdul Sattar Shaik F/55 (JJ Hospital)
4. Abdul Rehman M/03 (JJ Hospital)
5. Naved Salmani M/35 (JJ Hospital)
6. Imran Hussain Kalvaniya M/30 (JJ Hospital)
7. One unidentified Male (Habib Hospital)

News source by :

Mumbai Police.


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