Home Central Mumbai : Mumbai Bar owner Suresh Shetty booked in rape of bar girl .

Mumbai : Mumbai Bar owner Suresh Shetty booked in rape of bar girl .

Mumbai : Mumbai Bar owner Suresh Shetty booked in rape of bar girl .

Mumbai: Mumbai Police arrests Bar Owner Suresh Shetty in rape case of Bar Girl

The Chirag Nagar Police has arrested the owner of Vaishali Bar & Restaurant in Ghatkopar on charges of attempting to rape a bar girl who is a singer in the Bar.

Brief story of the Victim:

Around two o’clock Bar Owner Suresh Shetty had called the bar girl who is a singer in the Bar and Iinitially demanded for a physical relationship with him. When she refused, the accused forcibly put her hand on her private part and started molesting her.
The accused thereafter dragged the victim to the secret location of the hotel. Somehow, victim managed to make good her escape from the clutches of the Bat Owner.

As per information, the victim worked as a singer at Vaishali Bar & Restaurant in Ghatkopar West. From December 2019, the victim started working as a singer in Vaishali Bar. I
In the month of January, 2020, this a customer named Washim pledged one lakh rupees on the victim. After that, Washim left the bar without paying. Bar owner, Accused Suresh Shetty started asking for the said money from the victim. Some percentage of the money blown on the bar girls goes to the bar girls.
Suresh Shetty started demanding money every day, whereas hotel management is responsible for blowing money and bill payment by customers. Out of mockery the accused started threatening the If this wasn’t enough, on many occasions the victim was asked to have a physical relationship, but she had bern refusing for the same.

Meanwhile, according to information, the Bar Girl also paid Rs.50,000 to the accused,but the accused started demanding more out of greed.

The victim made it known that inorder order to save herself from torture by the Bar Owner, she paid him another Rs. 50,000 by borrowing from her friend. Even after this, the Bar Owner Shetty used to tell her to sleep with him everyday. Apart from threatening her he even blackmailed her that if she refuses to part with another Rs.50,000, he would sexually molest her daughter too. Gripped in fear, she stopped going to the Bar. Thereafter the previous night, she received a call from Shetty asking her to return to the Bar. She then met Shetty at night but he was under intoxication.

While she was on her exit mode from the Bar, Shetty started removing her clothes saying that he needs to have sex with her first. While she came out of the room. three of the four hotel workers caught her and took her to the hotel CD. There Suresh tried to rape her but she started resisting. Then Suresh Shetty started started you her inappropriately and put his hand on her genitals. But somehow she managed to get out in a wounded condition.

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