Home National Mumbai: Mumbai Interior Designer Isha Narayan says “In today’s world interiors is an asset and appends to the worth and generates a branding for the Company”

Mumbai: Mumbai Interior Designer Isha Narayan says “In today’s world interiors is an asset and appends to the worth and generates a branding for the Company”

Mumbai: Mumbai Interior Designer Isha Narayan says “In today’s world interiors is an asset and appends to the worth and generates a branding for the Company”

Mumbai Architect Narayan & Associates – Designers of repute – Isha Narayan brain behind the enterprise

Architect Narayan & Associates Pvt Limited with R.L.Narayan and Isha R Narayan as Directors, are a globally recognized, highly professional architects and interior design firm with expertise in internationally recognized and award-winning interior and exterior design firm with expertise in MEP Consultancy Services, Project Management and Sustainable Green Building Designs augmenting the affluent activities by basing design on surveillance and scrutiny of the mode people exist, work and unwind offers much further than architectural and Interior design service, providing services that expand through the complete life sequence of the venture. Architect Narayan & Associates Pvt Limited is responsive and responsible to their clients, all through the project’s life from conception to conclusion and afar.

The Mumbai based architectural & interior designing Company boasts of their flamboyant, stylish and & unique works and have focused in all the fields of architectural projects varying from star hotels, malls, corporate offices, commercial projects, residential projects, hospitals & institutional projects with their vast experience. .
Architect Narayan And Associates have embarked on many snowballing locales of international projects in countries such as Sri Lanka, Muscat & Abu Dhabi. ANAPL’s designs leads the way in sustainability and have established the practice of green building concepts, those which suites the climate in Asia and loyalty to the milieu that is incorporated in the building design.

The architectural and design Company coalesces amazing talent and worldwide know-how to stimulate spaces, nationally and worldwide, that can be as “avant-garde” or “eternal” as the uniqueness of each of its Clients and the company’s mission is simple – develop interior and exterior design experiences that are idiosyncratic, convincing and of outstanding excellence and distinctiveness.

Architect Narayan And Associates are often defined in national and international Architectural & Interior Design magazines and other media outlets. The Company’s director Isha R. Narayan had the distinction and privilege to have been honoured with the Femina Women Entrepreneurship Leader award.

The Company is committed to achieving the highest level of design with a “turn-key” approach through their services offered. Their architects and designers successfully participate in projects from the initial concepts, furniture and decorative item selections, decorative material selections, construction document production, budgeting, city submittals, project coordination – always with precision, professionalism, attention to detail, exceptional customer service and expert project management skill.

The Company augments the rich activities by basing design on observation and analysis of the ways people live, work and relaxes offers much more than architectural and Interior design service, which provide services that extend through the entire life cycle of the project, from strategic planning through design to ongoing facility management’s involve the client in the creative process, are responsive and responsible to our clients, throughout the projects life from concept to completion and beyond.

Architect Narayan And Associates Pvt Ltd., is a multi-talented founding architects and interior designers established by Isha R. Narayan who with her husband renowned and dynamic architect R.L.Narayan explore the opportunities to investigate architectural & interior design and endeavor to provide ground-breaking and fresh design solutions and firmly believe in creating designs with good working environment form corporate world.

The company’s recent project is Maple Digital Technology located at the Lodha Supremus of an area admeasuring 4,500 sqft in Mumbai.

Isha affirms that the project came with a brief that it would be a global back office with a number of workstations Team leaders, Director’s room & cafe. As designers of repute Architect Narayan & Associates, created an infrastructure with a very distinct concept wherein the youth culture is expressed and made a concept with global aspiration with Indian Sentiments.

We have designed and created an office which has a fairly dense seating capacity. However to ensure such denseness did not deter the openness of the space as the office was designed and created in both blocks to ensure interactive and collaborative spaces coupled with pantry –coffee space to ensure social interactive coupled with work meetings.

The collaborative spaces are made in such a way that the space dominates the overall work environment. The collaborative spaces are made in very bright & loud colours with materials which are raw rustic and are industrial in nature. The space has filled the vacuum of working disrupting ensuring more openness and encouraging collective interaction.

We allowed a lot of metal ceiling design play with openness and light criss- cross. The staff area has an open based concept with indirect lights, strip hanging lights & some decorative light features. We have articulated the artworks in the premises which speak about motivation & hard work. Lots of inspirational & motivational quote written & hand painted on the walls. We also treated the breakout space with grill partition consisting of planters

The project is designed to be in platinum rated building. There has been lot of discussion with the client regarding various energy saving and use of sustainable material.
The place is designed for energy- saving and efficient design for air conditioning, We have taken utmost care to ensure the interior is designed for gold & platinum rated interiors.
We ensured optimum use of low volume water flush which saves water for both, urinals and flush. All tables are fitted with task lights to ensure optimum use of lighting system in office.
We wanted the office to have the best of infrastructure and futuristic appeal.

The Philosophy and Values of Architect Narayan Associates is company:” Behind every design there is a good idea, behind every good idea, there is a team led by design professionals, who bring innovation, expertise and experience.”

We undertake and treat every project as a challenge. We always believe in a challenge to ensure that the work turns out to a client’s expectation and appeals to the youth in long – term. It is also a challenge to ensure that an individual’s running of the organization is a match to the perception of the designer – both expectation has a thin line between them.

News Input by K.V. Raman

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