Mumbai Police Commissioner Honoured Police Constable Sawant For His Poem On Kamatipura


    During duty in Kamathipura area he closely observed the life of prostitutes.The dark side of their lives inspired him to write poems. H.Constable N.Sawant’s poem now selected for the prestigious Marathi literary event. CP Mumbai Police greets him.


    Speaking with ‘HELLO MUMBAI News’ “It’s a great proud moment for me and my department in the history of Mumbai police i will be first police person who will be participating this prestigious Marathi literary event which is going to be held on 16, 17 and 18 February in Baroda i will read this poem , My motive to write this poem was only to show real pictures of their.”, said Nandkumar Sawant. Now Mr Sawant is posted in port zone at present he wrote this poem in 2012 when he was posted at Nagpada police station. Hello Mumbai also salute to Mr Nandkumar Sawant for his great achievement.





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