Mumbai Senior Citizen Himanshu Nagindas Shah attacked by local Goons,Juhu police arrested Six accused

Mumbai Senior Citizen Himanshu Nagindas Shah attacked by local Goons,Juhu police arrested Six accused


The Four local youth of Vile Parle who had attacked a Senior Citizen Himanshu Nagindas Shah,Tejas Hakkan for confronting them while they were assaulting building watchman have been arrested by juhu Police

While in conversation with Hello Mumbai News Mr Himanshu Nagindas Shah said,” it was a very tragic incident in my life. issue was very small and simple the main reason of the dispute was that Motor Cycle of accused person has hot other vehicle and i was involved in that dispute to solve the problem. but accused was reluctant to solve the matter so he called his other friends They started assaulting us with stick and other weapons in this attack my other Colleague Tejas Hakkani and our Two building Watchman was seriously critically injured.I suffered i head injury and Teja’s nose broke down.
Immediately I dialed Mumbai police 101 and Juhu police rushed to the spot.
After this incident I was admitted to Nanavati Hospital and Tejas was also admitted. our both Watchmen also suffered injury.

Mr Himanshu Nagindas Shah further added, after this incident I feel insecure and I appeal to Mumbai police kindly help me to get justice i personally demand to take legal action against all the accused.

While speaking with Hello Mumbai News Police Inspector Mr Sunil Yadav confirmed ‘”in this case we have arrested 6 accused among them two are minors we have booked 9 accused in this assault case 3 accused are absconded but we have set up a special team very soon we will arrest all accused as if now we got Police Custody till 15 January from the court ”
Mr.Sunil Yadav further stated all accused booked under Section of IPC 307 ,462,325,324,323,504,506,143,144,148,& 149.Polic also investigating their previous criminal record our investigating is underway.

Case Highlight points:

FIR No :0028
Date: 10/01/2024
Time : 17:16
Time of Incident: from 2..30 am to 3.00 am
Place of Incident:
Bapu Bhai Wasi Road Kasturba Building Vile Parle west

Complainant: Tejas Hakkani

Name of the of Accused:
2: Yash
3: Ayush
4: Sanket
6: Sumit
7: Unknown
8: Unknown
9:Unknown & others.

Video Interview of Himanshu Nagindas Shah:



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