Mumbaikar Gets Ready To Welcome 2018 But Boycotts New Year’s Party


    Kamala Mills Tragedy which rocked the entire nation and particularly Mumbaikar are still in deep and sad now decided don’t attend 31st nigh celebration party in pubs, Discs and Night club.


    “As a mark of respect for all those who were affected by this extremely unfortunate incident we have deeply saddened by what happened in Above 1 pub, so I have decided not to attend 31st night party this year ,will seat home and will give my homage to the victims” Said Nisha Kukraja Party goer and socialite of the party circle.

    “Our New Year party season also affected our business is deep by 35% but we are not bothered about our business this fire tragedy has deeply disturbed pub owners also even we are not in a mood to sale our passes” Said Raaj Putran one of Co owner of Beeyond Yoyo Club.

    Faisal Banaraswala president Al Insaf Public Foundation also appealed to all to boycott all celebration party and also condemned the incident, he blamed Bmc for this incident very soon I will filed PIL in HC and will make party to Bmc Commissioner says Faisa Banarswala.





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