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Mumbai’s Zakaria Masjid Glitter On The Eve Of Ramzan

Mumbai’s Zakaria Masjid Glitter On The Eve Of Ramzan

Haji Zakaria Noor Mohammed Noorani a well known Cutchi Memon built Zakaria masjid in 1235 Hijri in Mumbai. The masjid having its presence from more than 204 years now.

HelloMumbaiNews team met this historic masjid’s trust current young chairman Mr. Rizwan Coatwala to know more about it. He had been also elected as the Vice-President of the Cutchi memon community in 2013.


Mr. Coatwala informed that the masjid permanent trustee Mr. Mubarak Noorani, 93 years from the Noorani family has been serving the affairs of the trust from 70 years now. He holds the record for having the longest tenure ever by any trustee of any trust in the state of Maharashtra and maybe in India also.

Out of the five trustees of this trust, 2 trustees are from the Noorani family and the rest 3 are elected from the Cutchi Mumbai community of Mumbai.

The masjid is also known for its past Imam Ashraful ulema Peer Sayyed Hamid Ashraf (R.A). Currently his son Sayyed Nizam Ashraf sahab is the Imam of the masjid.

Also the trust manages Hashemiah Urdu school where many students have completed their education. There is a computer center in the school for teaching MS CIT courses.

The masjid has been among the first few masjids in Mumbai to implement Solar panels thus making use of the solar energy.

There are two taraweeh prayers in the month of Ramadhan. The timings for the same are 9pm and 10.45pm from today.

HelloMumbaiNews team suggest all those who haven’t prayed here should perform prayers in this historic masjid in this holy month and get the blessings of Almighty.
Current trustees of Zakaria masjid trust
Mr. Mubarak Noorani 93 years old and Mr. Rizwan Coatwala, 37 years.


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