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My Actions Against Illegal Hawkers At Memonwada Will Be Continue, Pledges Shirookar


“My actions against illegal hawkers will be continued will not allow anything against the local residents of Memon wada it’s a beginning we will apply this format in Mumbai everywhere ‘Residents Welfare Association is a dream project of Our honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji, My first priority is my residence ‘s safety and I will be available to solve their problems for 24× 7 I promise if local people will support us the scenario of the ‘B’ ward will be changed within 6 months, Said U.R Shiroorkar Assistant Municipal Commissioner of ‘B’ ward on the occasion when Memonwada Residents Association delegation met him and discussed the local issues on Saturday.


MR. Shiroorkar further stated, I will personally visit the Memonwada area in next week will inspect all stall and their present legal status if found something illegal will immediately cancel the license, if someone will try to cross the border we will not give him a chance and will take legal action against them. He also warned those who is trying to give religious colour to the matter, I fear only ‘Allah’ will not bend before anyone will do whatever right I was not feared from anyone in my long term career, My dedication is only for my local residents and to solve their problems is my duty.

Haji Umar Adenwala from Memonwada Residents Association highlighted some issues in the meeting and demanded, “We will not allow any junk food stall in the area and there will be no encroachment in the street of Memonwada, nearby vicinity Minara Masjid, Ismaliya Habeeb Masjid, he had also wrote a letter to all higher authority of Bmc in which it is clearly mentioned no fire safety in the local area because all food stall owner use illegal gas cylinder which is very risky for our local area ,previously fire incident took place so he also requested to the authority to look in to the matter seriously.

Among delegations Nisar Johri (South Mumbai representative of ‘HELLO MUMBAI News’ ) Umar Adenwala, Salim bhai, (diamond printing press), Farook Lakdawala, Zakir Habiya, Salman Shaikh and others were present. The meeting was very positive and peaceful Mr. Shiroorkar also assured to take necessary action against the hawkers and residents were satisfied with this promise.




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