Home National New GST rates on household items from July 18 . See list of name and items here

New GST rates on household items from July 18 . See list of name and items here

New GST rates on household items from July 18 . See list of name and  items here

New GST Rates on Household and other Items From July 18
Common man hit below the belt.

Daily essential household items and other items will attract GST from July 18. Even Hotels and Bank services will get costlier.
Cheques, loose or in book form by 18%
The common man will have to pay extra to buy day-to-day items. This will be an increase in kitchen budget.

List of items that will attract GST:
Curd, Lassi, Buttermilk (5% GST), Paneer (5% GST)
Jaggery of all types including Cane Jaggery (gur), Palmyra Jaggery (5% GST) Khandsari Sugar (5% GST)
Natural Honey (5% GST)
Puffed rice (Muri), flattened or beaten rice, (Chira), parched rice (khoi), rice coated with
sugar (Murki) (5% GST)
Rice, Wheat, Rye, Barley, Oats (5% GST) Wheat & Meslin Flour (5% GST)
Tender coconut water (12% GST) Rice Flour (5% GST)
Other items that will get costlier from Monday July 18
LED lamps; ink, knives, blades, pencil sharpener, blades, spoons, forks, ladles, skimmers, skimmers, cake servers; printing, writing and drawing ink; fixture and their metal printed circuits board by 18 per cent.
Power-driven pumps, bicycle pumps, dairy machinery by 18 per cent.
Machines used for cleaning, sorting, grading seeds, and grain pulses; machines used in milling/cereals industry; air-based atta chakki and wet grinder by 18 per cent. Solar water heater and system by 12%
Leather (prepared, finished, chamois and composition) by 12%, Printed maps and charts of all kinds by 12%, GST 12% on hotel accommodation priced up to Rs 1,000 per day
Room rent, except ICU, more than Rs 5,000 per day patient charged by a hospital taxed 5% to the extent of charge of the room without ITC
Works contract for roads, bridges, railways, metro, effluent treatment plant, crematorium and others by 18%
18% GST for work contract for historical monuments, canals, dams, pipelines, plants for water supply, educational institutions, hospitals etc supplied to central,m state goverments and local authorities and sub-contractor thereof
Works contract supplied to central and state governments, union territories & local authorities for earthwork and sub-contracts thereof 12%.

Earlier, only branded packaged rice was under the purview of GST. Now, all unbranded, pre-packaged rice/ rice flour/ wheat flour will attract GST.


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