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Raza Academy Condemned Chemical attack in Syria



Recent Chemical attack by Syrian Army in eastern Ghouta in which more than 500 people ,including women and children have died ,this attack condemned by International community .In Mumbai the most respectable religious organisation ‘Raza Academy’ and it’s General Secretary Al Haj Saeed Noori also condemned this brutal attack and responsible for the Syrian Government alliance and Russia.

” This is too much the whole country is day by day dying due to this Civil war and UN is totally failed to control this civil war, the ceasefire initiative why always failed it means that United Nation and international community is not serious about this civil war ,” Said Saeed Noori.

He also appealed to the Muslim world to come farwad to help the Syrian people and also requested to Indian Government to take initiative to resolve this issue ,because it is a big human tragedy which caused thousands of people died and Millions have been forced to flee the country.

The prayer meeting was held by Raza Academy which was attended by city’s muslim community leader and Islamic scholar.A mannu llaha Raza, Maulana Khaleel ul Rheman Qadri, Abdul Rheman Ziyai, Hafeez Junaid, Zafar khan,  Shezaad khan, Imran Dadaani and Ashfaq khan were also took part in this prayer meeting which was organised for Syrian people.


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