Saudi Airlines Hiked Airfare Before Ramadan, Panic Among The Umrah Pilgrims And Tour Operators


    Holy Month of Ramadan is only few days ahead the decision of Saudi Airlines on price hike in airfare upset the Umrah pilgrims  and Tour operator also. Sudden price hike created panic among the Private Tour Operator. The most drastic hike in the airfare from 35,000 To 50,000 thousands, Mumbai To Jeddah will cost now.


    “This decision is totally against the Umrah pilgrims. Every year around above 2 lacs People go for Umrah during Ramadan, we have taken the booking as per existence price before three months now the air fare price hike who will bear the balance amount. Our calculation is disturbed,” Said one of the Tour Operator.

    Interestingly for visit visa airfare is same 32 ,000 to 35,000 ,this price hike is only for Umrah pilgrims why ? It means Saudi Airlines is not concerned about the Umrah pilgrims, they are blackmailing to Umrah pilgrims and interested only in money making because they know very well people have no choice or option. This ticket cost is unbearable and very expensive. These airfare is very expensive compare to Europe and other western countries. This airfare cost have to bear only Umrah pilgrims.

    Pic by Google Image.



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