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Signature campaign on mob lynching by NGO


By Aleem Shaikh

The lynching that ignited fury of the Nation. Although anger has been brimming in the country for a while now against all the violence against Muslims and Dalits, the murder of 16-year-old Junaid who was returning home after Eid shopping became the last straw.
The protests is  scheduled by Jai Ho Foundation and other NGOs of Mumbai on 8th July 2017 , Saturday at 4pm at Fauzia Hospital Sahara Hotel Junction, Kurla LBS road ,Mumbai 400070 , days after the teenager was brutally stabbed to death by a mob. A series of lynchings have spread fear amongst the minority communities of India, as mobs roam around freely without the fear of persecution. The nation-wide ‘Not In My Name’ campaign is  held to counter just that, and to force the government to speak up and act against the prevailing injustice
Mob lynchings will not stop unless the Centre and state governments disallow gau rakshak groups who have been given IDs to help the police enforce beef laws. These cow vigilantes work as mobs to harass minorities and Dalits.
We wish for  a law, Manav Suraksha Kanoon (MaSuKa), which not only defines ‘mob lynching’, but also seeks to make lynching a non-bailable offence and the punishment for the ones convicted under it would be life imprisonment. It should  also mandate that the concerned SHO (Station House Officer) of the area would have to be suspended forthwith until a time-bound judicial probe absolves him of charges. This provision has been laid out because if a mob of 100 people is entering an area and lynching someone, it cannot be without the consent of the concerned police officer of the area.
Jai Ho Foundation will also take signature of all protesters on huge flex and submit it to Hon’ble PM .
Also 10,000 Post cards from protesters with message to Hon’ble PM will be posted .


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