Sufi Islamic Board files Affidavit of Evidence against PFI before UAPA Court

Sufi Islamic Board files Affidavit of Evidence against PFI before UAPA Court


In the matter of Notification published in the Official Gazette on 28-9-22 declaring the Popular front of India and its associates and affiliates as unlawful association a Public Notice was issued in the Sate of Tamil Nadu on 9/12/2022 where evidences in form of Affidavits were called for against the proscribed PFI and its associated organisations.

On behalf of Sufi Islamic Board AFFIDAVIT Of Advocate SHOUKATH ALI MOHAMED the Advisor to International Affairs has FILED under section 5 OF THE UAPA ACT 1967

In the affidavit it is stated that Sufi Islamic Board (SIB) had campaigned relentlessly against PFI for years to bring awareness in the administrative circles, the Law Makers and the general masses about the Anti National and Criminal activities of PFI. It had made numerous appeals before The Hon’able Prime Minister,The Hon’able Home Minister,The National Security Advisor and various Law Enforcing Agencies to Ban PFI pan India.

When Popular Front of India proposed to conduct a PFI UNITY March in: 1. Kanchipuram, 2. Salem and 3. Ramanathapuram on the 6th of March, at 4. Pudukottai on the 10th of March 2022 and at 5. Tenkasi on the 13th of March 2022, he had written to the DGP, Tamil Nadu seeking to deny permission to PFI Unity March . By way of abundant caution he had filed a Writ in Honble High Court, Madras seeking a ban on the PFI March. DGP had informed the Court that Permission was denied. Later the PFI sent a legal notice for defamation to the Board in which a Counter reply notice was given by him to PFI.

He states in the Affidavit that PFI shares its ideology with the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), an International Terror organization, which has been banned in many Countries like Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia etc. The PFI dotes Muslim Brotherhood based International terrorists like Aiman Az Zawahiri and Yusuf Qardawi. The International terrorist Aiman Zawahiri , the leader of the UN banned Al Qaeda, is also an Muslim Brotherhood activist . He has also pledged allegiance to Taliban which in turn is spear headed by another International Terrorist Yusuf Al Qardawi who had issued fatwa (religious edict) to Kill President Qaddafi of Libya.This Yusuf Al Qardawi had supported terrorism in Kashmir. In 2009, Al-Qaradawi had issued a fatwa,(religious edict), asserting that “the Kashmiris were properly fighting jihad against the Indian army.” and that the proclamation of jihad was legitimate

On 25 March 2022 Advocate Shaukat had conducted a press conference to highlight the Jihadi Threat from the union of PFI and Turkish IHH in Srilanka in which the Boards National President Mansoor Khan also participated along with other office bearers of the State of Tamil Nadu.

In 2018 the leaders of PFI met had İnsan Hak ve Hürriyetleri İnsani Yardım Vakfı, “IHH” leaders in Turkey with a view to widening the ambit of Jihad. Ali Fuat Yılmazer, former head of the police intelligence department of Turkey specializing in extremist religious groups, testified in a Turkish court hearing on 16 August 2016 that “IHH” campaigns are designed to provide assistance to jihadists engaged in terrorism worldwide and to provide medical assistance, finance, logistics and human resources to jihadists.”He himself had provided detailed reports on the relations of the terrorist organization IHH with Erdoğan when he was Prime Minister. In the Affidavit it has also been stated that PFI knows that Russia revealed the irrefutable involvement of the “IHH” organization in terrorist activities, according to intelligence documents submitted to the UN Security Council on February 10, 2016.

On 7th of April 2022 at 11.15 pm the Sufi Islamic Board received a Tweet on its Official Twitter Handle from Dr. Al Massari and His Organization Party of Islamic Renewal stating “For siding with Hindutva-Brahman supremacist fascism against Muslims i.e. Hijabi Muslim school girls & Popular Front of India etc the @sufiboard exposed themselves as munafiq kaffirs”. Along with this Tweet, some other Tweets were also tagged to PFI and its state units. In one of the tagged tweets there is a copy of a letter/statement attached with the heading “Letter to the Popular Front of India. Disregard Bans and re-organise into a Revolutionary Army… in the coming civil war”
In this letter which was addressed to PFI, it is said that Jihad against the Indian regime is the right of all Muslims on Earth and it is positive to see Muslims in India mobilising under The Popular Front of India. The letter continues: “ as such, Muslims in India have the Islamically legitimate right to carry out insurgency, sabotage and and espionage against the officials of the of the Indian regime involved in the oppression and as well as soldiers and Police officers enforcing oppression.”

In this letter it is also said that already the “Sufi Islamic Board (Shaukat Ali the deponent herein ) has criticized Popular Front of India for radicalizing the Muslims. it is the fascist BJP / RSS Hindutva Brahmin supremacist policies which are alienating the Muslims and if groups like Sufi Islamic board do not fall in line behind the project to protect the Muslims of India from prosecution and potential genocide they should be dismissed as munafiq (hypocrites) / Kafir (non muslims) which the treacherous Shaukat Ali (Advisor, International Affairs, Sufi Islamic Board) has clearly shown to be’…“To achieve in house cleaning must also be done ( Euphemism for killing opponents)…if war should erupt and if they and the enemies of Islam and Muslims either militarily or through propaganda they can be treated as Harbi Worriors / munafik / kafir and can be engaged militarily along with other forces engaged in the operation of Muslims.”.

PFI is fully aware that Al Massari’s call for jihad, insurgency, sabotage, espionage, against India is unlawful activity as defined under UAPA 2(o) which is punishable under section 13 of UAPA. As a so called organization standing for “communal harmony” , PFI is aware it has also committed sedition as it has brought hatred or contempt, disaffection towards the Government of India. It has promoted enmity between different groups on grounds of religion punishable under Section 153A IPC . It has incited others to commit terrorist activity like use of drone, 3D printing(counterfeiting ) , killing army and police officers punishable and cyber terror, under section 15 of UAPA and 66F IT Act respectively. By supporting the Taliban Haqqani Network and Al Qaeda Dr. Al Massari and his organization is their manifestation. By giving tacit support to Dr Massari and his Islamic Renewal Party, the PFI has shown support to an organization banned by the UNSC and UAP Act 1967 .

If PFI were a “law abiding Organization”, PFI would know that Al Massari has deliberately circulated this statement with intent to cause mutiny in the Defence forces and to create fear or alarm in the public or to induce others to commit offences against the State to incite the misguided elements among the Muslims to commit offence against the Hindus which is punishable under section 505 IPC.

If PFI claimed to believe in human rights then it would also be aware that the statement of Al Massari also criminally intimidates the members of Sufi Islamic Board for performing their constitutional duty of fighting disruptive and terrorist forces, Yet PFI remained silent which amounts to agreement with Al Massari, The Letter itself shows that there is a nexus between the Popular Front of India and Terrorists Organizations of the World and together they want to spoil the National Fabric of our Nation. The tweets were also tagged to PFI but till its ban the PFI did not come forward disapproving the tweet which shows an undeniable nexus and decimates PFI’s contention that it stands for “national integration, communal amity and social harmony and rule of law in the Country” .

Like birds of a same feather flying together, Al Massari choose to address PFI not any other organization in India to launch a jihad against the Government of India. From Al Massari’s clarion call to PFI to launch Jihad , any reasonable mind can come to a conclusion that PFI was being held in high esteem by like minded terrorists which lends credence to this ban. From a conspectus of the above, it is clear as daylight that the PFI harbours ill will to communal harmony and wants to bring Global jihad in India in order to convert India into another Syria.

News Input and Picture by Sufi Islamic Board Media Department



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