Home National Sufi Islamic Board Participates in All India Minority Conclave held in Chandigarh.

Sufi Islamic Board Participates in All India Minority Conclave held in Chandigarh.

Sufi Islamic Board Participates in All India Minority Conclave held in Chandigarh.


An All India Minority Conclave was organised by the Chancellor of Chandigarh University, Satnam Singh Sindhu and Processor Himani Sood who are Founders of NID Foundation in Chandigarh on 21st February 2023 at Mahatma Gandhi State Institutes of Public Administration.The subject taken up for discussion was Role of Minorities in Amrit Kaal

The Event represented the thread of confluence of Brotherhood,Harmony and Unity embedded in India’s rich cultural heritage by the six Minority communities in India to showcase their binding solidarity with the Nation and its Leadership.

Hon’able Governor of Kerala Arif Mohammad Khan and Iqbal Singh Lalpura the Chairman of National Commission for Minorities were the Chief Guest of the Event and Dr. Sasmit Patra, Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha), National President of Sufi Islamic Board, Mansoor Khan along with representatives of all the other Minority communities spoke as Guest of Honor at the event. Among the speakers were Film Actor Raza Murad , Bhikku Sanghasena, Acharya Dr. Lokesh Muni, Gurpreet Guggi, Haji Syed Salman Chishty, Maulana Kalbe Rushaid Rizwi, Trilochan Singh, Rt Revd Denzal Peoples, Acharya Yesh Phunstak and Sant Baba Lakkha Singh, Faiz Ahmed Faizi and a few others.

Founder of NID Foundation, Founder Satnam Singh Sandhu proposed to from an All India Minority Foundation (AIMF) to which all the attending dictionaries consented by filling a Concent Form.

Speaking at the Event Mansoor Khan the National President of Sufi Islamic Board said that the Board has always focused on the De radicalization of the Muslim Youth in our Nation. As we embark on a journey of Amrit Kaal i.s transforming India to be a Global Leader of the World, we will face many hurdles from the Enemy of our Nation.

Role of Minorities becomes a very important subject if we are to become a Global Leader of the World because if there is a big gap between the Majority and the Minorities of the Country it would lead to non participation of them in the Nation’s Growth. In such a condition it will be very easy for our enemy Nations to lure them in their Anti India agenda to destabilize our Nation. He said that we should keep our Nation which is our First Home free from all types of Radicle elements.

Mansoor Khan appreciated the efforts of Satnam Singh Sandhu for representing the True Sufi face in a Minority programe for the first time post Independence and also for keeping the Radicle elements away from the event

Professor Himani Sood gave a vote of thanks to the event.

News Input and Picture by:

Faisal Banaraswala
National Spokesperson (West)
Sufi Islamic Board


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