Fire Breaks Out at Beauty Pageant, Miss Africa Winner’s Hair CATCHES FIRE on the STAGE!!

    Fire Breaks Out at Beauty Pageant
    Third party image from Google.

    Shocking!! Miss Africa Winner’s Hair CATCHES FIRE on the STAGE!!

    People seated in the stadium and those watching the Miss Africa Pageant programme live on television were left stunned to watch Miss Africa winner Dorcas Kasinde’ s hair catching fire live on stage!!! The incident happened so after Dorcas Kasinde was crowned Miss Africa!

    The 2018 Miss Africa pageant was held in Calabar Nigeria. It was being watched by a packed stadium. Then the turmoil struck when the Dorcas Kasinde name was announced as Miss Africa!!! Soon firework started dazzling the sky. However, one piece of the firework landed on the wig of Dorcas Kasinde and caught fire!!! Soon the show host, Ebuka came to her rescue and put out the fire on her head before more damage could be done.

    According to local reports, Miss Congo’s hair underneath the wig was burned completely off, and her scalp was injured.

    Edited by Mansoor Khan
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