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Indian Beauties Welcome ‘ Swan’

Indian Beauties Welcome ‘ Swan’

*’Swan’ Moves Into India in the World of Make-Up*

*Indian Beauties Welcome ‘Swan’*

An internationally popular make-up concept ‘Swan’ will now be offered in India soon in the make-up world. Kaks Salon & Spa is very excited to bring this concept in India. In December this year, a fashion show named ‘Swan’ will be organised. The idea of bringing Swan Concept in India came first in the mind of Kakali Meghani, Founder of Kaks Salon and Spa. She herself is a popular Make-Up artist and Hair Stylist who has worked with many famous actresses like Shilpa Shetty, Tabu for many years.

A press conference was organized to address the information about this upcoming fashion show. In which many beautiful actresses from India and Russia participated. During this press conference, Bollywood actresses Niharica Raizada and Lezlie Tripathy took part, apart from that, Elena Tuteja of Russia was also present, who was also elected as runner-up in Mrs India Earth 2017 this year. All the divas looked very excited about the ‘Swan’ concept of coming to India and its upcoming Indian version showcasing.

When asked about Swan Concept from Kakali, she said, “Swan is very much prevalent in Russia and Western countries, but nobody in India knows about this make-up concept. This is the most beautiful concept in the world of make-up. Today, women of India are not less than anywhere in the world, they are leading in every field. Swan means ‘Hans’ and it is one of the most beautiful and peace loving bird. Indian women are considered the most beautiful in the world, apart from how much peaceful we Indians are, the whole world is aware. I believe Indian women in Swan make-up theme will look even more beautiful.”

The Swan Fashion Show is due to be held on December 5 this year. For which many famous Bollywood artists are participating.


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