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Istituto Marangoni student showcase Graduate Fashion Week International show 

Istituto Marangoni student showcase Graduate Fashion Week International show 

Yesterday, students from acclaimed Italian Fashion Design school, Istituto Marangoni’s Milan and Florence campuses showcased their collections at the prestigious FDCI X Lakmé Fashion Week that concluded in Mumbai last night.

In association with Graduate Fashion Week International (GFWi) – the world’s largest showcase of BA fashion talent, bringing physical and ground-breaking digital showcases to its audiences, this year the show debuted in India with the aim to elevate exceptional talent from their international member institutes to a global audience. GWFi aims to facilitate important conversations around fashion education and the future of the fashion industry worldwide with live talks, webinars, and a catwalk showcase at FDCI X Lakmé Fashion Week.

As part of the fashion showcase, 2 students from Istituto Marangoni presented their collections at the event. The details of each are as follows:

  • A student from Istituto Marangoni’s Milan campus, Francesco Imberti’s collection that was showcased was a Reflection on gender identity, individual and collective identity, the importance of cultivating femininity. Inspired by the feelings of love and rejection one learns during a tender age, his garments demonstrate how it is possible to appropriate a language through the use of the body and redeem it from every patriarchal connotation. Each garment has one size and no gender. All patterns originate from a rectangle, producing zero waste and disconnecting from any socio-cultural meaning given by history to shape and volumes of traditional pattern making.
  • Meanwhile, Istituto Marangoni’s Florence Campus graduate, Xing Xing Su’s collection –Le Givre – represents a connection between her and the artist Katharine Morling and her ceramics. The simplicity, the monochrome of white, the flowers, the dew and the magic of nature present themselves in a unique and impactful visual feast. Every plant, every blade of grass, every and each stone is dressed in sparkling white flowers, where a droplet of dew it could stop it becomes hundreds of tiny sparkling crystals. Under the magic of nature this presents a unique visual feast. In this world, the black becomes the most striking colour below the coverage of white to represent the depth and foundation of everything. Fascinated by her very vivid, simple, yet detailed work focused on black and white, the designer developed a collection using a 3D pen that resulted in many designs as manipulation, where the abstract of the nature is combined with traditional craftsmanship and new digital techniques as a reminder of the presence of humanity in all and around.

Speaking about Istituto Marangoni’s student’s participation in FDCI X Lakmé Fashion Week, Ms. Diana Marian Murek, Director of Education, Istituto Marangoni – Milan, said, “it is an immense honour and pleasure to present our graduate student’s accomplishment in an international showcase like GFWi and Lakmé Fashion Week, substantiating the wide-ranging and global presence of Istituto Marangoni worldwide but especially in Mumbai where we are an established educational provider since 2017. The collection we exhibited in this occasion is the one of Francesco Imberti, winner of the BEST talent of Istituto Marangoni Milano 2022, a zero waste- no gender- all sizes collection, that in its sustainable and inclusive values represents Francesco’s unique sensibility regarding the world he and many young creatives are experiencing today.”

Ms. Francesca Tavanti, Director of Education, Istituto Maragnoni – Florence, added, “Istituto Marangoni international approach and its solid network allow our students to participate year after year in the worldwide most prestigious events in the fashion education field. We couldn’t be more proud of their achievements: a springboard that prepares them for a thriving career. GFW International has been a unique opportunity for our Fashion Design Chinese student Xingxing Su, who showcased to an international audience the perfect combination of our School values: technologies and Florentine traditional craftsmanship.”


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