Mumbai : Actress Koena Mitra Gets Six Month jail in Check Bouncing Case,Andheri Court convicts

    File Picture from Koena Mitra ‘s Gallery image (Google Search ).

    Major setback to Actress Koena Mitra ,Andheri Metropolitan court convicted her in a check bounce case and sentenced her to Six month simple imprisonment.Court also asked her to pay Rs .6.64 lakh including interest amount of Rs 1.64 lakh to the complainant Model poonam Sethi.Koena Mitra will Challenge this judgement in upper court.

    Case details :

    Actress Koena Mitra borrowed Rs 22lakh from Model Poonam sethi over a period of time in 2013.During the repayment of loan Mitra issued check of Rs 3 lakh to sethi which was dishonored by the bank .Poonam sethi sent a legal notice to Koena Mitra on July 19 in 2013 but no response from Karna Mitra, finally poonam sethi filed a complaint in Andheri court on October 10 ,2013.

    During court hearing koena Mitra denied all allegations but court rejected her claims and passed this order.



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