Home Bollywood Mumbai : Mumbai actress Elnaaz Norouzi’s house robbed, details here

Mumbai : Mumbai actress Elnaaz Norouzi’s house robbed, details here

Mumbai : Mumbai actress Elnaaz Norouzi’s house robbed, details here

Robbery at Elnaaz Norouzi’s Mumbai house!

It was a difficult night last night for Elnaaz Norouzi. The sacred games star was at her home who lives in a flat in one of the better housing societies. We mention better as there ought to be security and a thief at a high rise building is the last thing one can imagine. Moreover, Elnaaz stays alone in the apartment. 
It was dark and she heard something at the gate and she switched the cctv video footage and she saw someone unknown. Elnaaz was alerted and she called the watchman through the intercom which went unanswered and so she was left with no option but to open the door herself and confront this man who then came at her. Elnaaz was petrified and stunned by this and she slammed the door and went to call the watchman again which was then answered. It was too late and this man ran away. She had a cupboard outside the house which had a few home essentials which was almost robbed. Now it definitely can be a hand and glove problem with the watchman as these people mostly leave the gate open for these burglars to get in for some cash or valuables.
We are thankful that our girl has not been harmed by this harrowing incident and we urge everyone to ensure security in every possible way because safety matters more than anything else. A girl living along in this city has to atleast feel safe in her house and this is where the problem lies that no measures are being while the event occurs or post its occurrence. We can only feel horrible about these kind of situations and we hope the systems are put in place to ensure that they occurences die down eventually. The sooner the better

Picture of the spot .


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