Mumbai: Independent Happyness Month* All sessions on WebEx Indie’Yoga with Megha Desai*:

    Event Details:

    01 st August 2020.
    6 Pm.
    Contact Number:
    81047 31955 | +91 98208 10034
    Online Ticket Links:


    Choosing happyness in every situation requires us to be present in the moment. We have 2 choices to either lose ourselves to negative emotions OR we can decide to stay positive.

    Learn to realize this today that how invaluable that choice is . One simple choice of learning Yoga can change the whole shape of your day!

    Join us on 1st August at 6 pm (IST) for Indie’Yoga with Megha Desai to enjoy the numerous benefits of Yoga.

    To enjoy the numerous benefits of the Yoga such as:
    – Boosting Immunity
    – Better Sleeping
    – Tones your body from tip to toe
    – Helps in relieving stress and anxiety
    – Boost Confidence

    To register now, link in below and in bio…/independent-happyness-month

    For further information on upcoming workshops feel free to DM us on +91 8104731955 | +91 9820810034
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