Astrooworld India’s Biggest Spiritual and Holistic Expo Begins in Mumbai at Khar

    Event Details:


    Come Visit ASTROOWORLD EXPO LAST DAY TODAY!! G.A Kulakrni Banquets, 17th Road, Lane opp. Neelam Foodland, Khar (W), Mumbai.


    Mrs. Siraj Sagar Jondhale-Founder & CEO of ASTROOWORLD – India’s Biggest Holistic Healing & Wellness Exhibition has been successfully organizing this expo from past more than a 15 years Nationally as we as well International Countries.

    ASTROOWORLD aims to infuse happiness and good health, share the Ancient Wisdom of Spiritual and Holistic Sciences encourage consciousness living and Radiate positive vibes to the masses.

    Astrooworld® – Body Mind Soul Expo promises you an engaging and inspirational experience, with something for everyone. Whether you’re seeking information, inspiration, inner peace, mental stimulation,Curious to know what your destiny holds for you? We had great selection of holistic therapists spreading awareness on various topics pertaining to happiness, healthy lifestyle, encourage consciousness living, guidance on path of success, relationships, with a natural approach, spiritual Experts, reflexology, hypnotherapy, Reiki healers, crystal healers, tarot readers, aromatherapy, various Holistic healers giving spot healing, Importance of yoga and meditation, counsellers and life coach, NLP Practitioners, Aura Readers and Chakra Balancing Experts, Natural & Organic Products and many many more.

    Today’s age is competition, to survive and sustain the competition, you need to be healthy physically, mentally and emotionlly. There are many ways to remain healthy but most important is to keep your body detoxed and rejuvenated. And Astrooworld – Is popularly known as “India’s Biggest Holistic Healing & Wellness Exhibition” designed to detox and rejuvenate your MIND-BODY-SOUL.

    We spread awareness about the Vedic-Holistic Sciences and Alternative Medicine and Therapies through our Experienced & Renowned Experts with a huge wisdom and determination, who come and participate with us from All across the globe.

    We have been successfully organising these shows past more than 15 years in India and Abroad (Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Jaipur,Indore, Shimla & DUBAI) and have plans to expand, all across the globe in National and International Countries in all major cities of the world, so we chose DUBAI as the first step towards the International Event Goal.

    Both days were full of inspiration, fun, food and new friendship for people from all walks of life. There was plenty to take home for new beginings and renenwal of one’s self with greater purpose and meaning.

    Astrooworld proudly says, “We are in the business of Transforming Lives by giving message and spreading awareness about importance of being Happy, Healthy and in Balance with Body-Mind-Spirit while embracing Life.




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