Jamaat Islami Hind Maharashtra hosts iftaar party for Mumbai journalists.

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    With the Holy Month of Ramzan entering its last week Sheri, Iftaar parties and get-togethers are happenning in the City of Mumbai. Political parties, Social organizations and Religious organizations are busy in throwing Iftaar parties ahead of Eid.

    Very recently India’s most reputed and reverential religious organization “Jmaate Eslaami Hind” threw an iftaar party at its headquarter In Sanki Street Madanpura in South Mumbai for the Senior Journalists and held an interaction session intreacting session with the Journalists.

    While addressing the media Dr Saleem Khan Vice president Jamaat Islami Hind Maharashtra expressed his views on the existing situation of Media and its role.

    He articulated that the role played by the media as of today is predominately related to Minority Community issue.

    Amid this Modi regime people have lost faith in Media’s Independence and its integrity. Now the time has come to fight against social evils and Media should support secularism and become secular. Democracy forms the main pillar of our Nation. We know the fact and truth. At present majority of the Media houses are under pressure and influenced by BJP Government. Now Social Media prefers News website, YouTube and Face Book playing satisfactory role with people using such type of platform to share their views.

    Dr Salim Khan further added that Jmate Eslaami Hind believes in Secularism and working hard to maintain peace and Communal harmony in the country – Our Nation is our Priority.

    Jalna based  Abdul Mujeeb Secretary  Jamaat Islami Hind Maharashtra  also addressed the Media personnel and explained the work of Jmaate Eslaami Hind in Maharashtra. Jmaate Eslaami Hind believes in love and national integrity. Whenever we hear news about any communal clashes across Maharashtra, our Team of Delegation approach the police authority to help them to maintain peace and communal harmony.

    He shared his experience on how they succeed to maintain peace and communal harmony in Jalnaa and Jalgaon District’s Paaldhi Village.

    Our efforts to maintain peace and support Minority will continue. Our Jmaat’s priority is to help Muslim youth who has been framed in false cases and lands in Jail. He also appealed to the Media to support secularism and boycott communal and biased Media..

    The prime highlight of the Iftaar party was that it witnessed the attendence by senior journalists from various media Houses like Wajihuddin From Time of India, Ejaz Ahmed from United News of India (News Agency) ,Farooq Ansari from Urdu Times, Shakeela Rashid From Urdu News, Aziz Ejaaz, Zubair Ansari and Haarish Shaikh from Hindustani Times Aleem Shaikh from Hello News and others.

    In the conclusion Rehan Ansari
    Media Secretary Jamaat Islami Hind Maharashtra expressed his thanks to all those who made it to the iftaar party.

    After Iftaar Dinner was served. to one and all.




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