Top 5 DJanes who Wins ‘Queen of Mashups ‘Powered by ‘SOS Nitelife’, At Imagica

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    Both the winners of the competition will be representing India in the next year’s Global DJ Championships

    DJ Zoya Iman was 1st runner-up, DJ Adaa was 2nd runner-up, DJ Donnaa 3rd runner-up, DJ Palak 4th runner-up while DJ Varsha emerged as 5th runner-up

    Queen of Mashups: ‘SOS Nitelife’, an exclusive platform for female Disc Jockeys got the winners of its third India chapter on November 17 during Imagica’s prominent entertainment offering ‘Imagica By Night’. Top 15 Djanes from India participated in the star-studded grand finale of the Female DJ Championship held at Imagica, Mumbai.

    Winners and Runners-up of Queen of Mashups India 2018

    DJ D’Shelz and DJ Neit Kaur were declared the joint-winners of the 2018 Queen of Mashups India chapter. DJ Zoya Iman emerged as the first runner-up, DJ Adda was named the second runner-up, DJ Donna was the third runner-up, DJ Palak was named fourth runner-up while DJ Varsha emerged as fifth runner-up.

    15 talented djanes set the stage on fire with their musical numbers but in the end, the judges chose two joint-winners. The musical evening was attended by many who were seen grooving to the songs played by these talented ladies behind the music consoles. Imagica added thrill and excitement to the evening with their unique attractions and rides, under the night sky, and an ambience of feet tapping music to enthral guests. A delectable range of F & B awaited each at the Imagica restaurants, and splendidly lit Imagica Castle in the backdrop of the musical evening spelt magnificence.

    The winner of this competition will be representing India in the next year’s Global Championships – an exclusive contest for world’s top female disc jockeys.

    The audience was enthralled by the tunes of popular dance numbers played by the talented ladies behind the music consoles. All the guests were in awe of Imagica and SOS Nitelife’s arrangements, grandeur and hospitality.

    These talented young ladies were judged by a jury comprising DJ Akbar Sami, DJ Akhtar and TV host Naved Jafri.

    Congratulating the winners DJ Akbar Sami said, “I congratulate DJ Neit and D’Shelz for winning the championship. I am sure they’ll put their best foot forward in the Global Championship next year.”

    After winning the Queen of Mashups 2018, DJ Neit said, “I feel immensely happy to have won this championship. I am thankful to SOS Nitelife for providing such a unique and wonderful-platform to showcase our talents. I also congratulate DJ D’Shelz for being the joint winner. I thank SOS Nitelife and the jury members as well.”

    “I congratulate DJ Neit for being a winner and sharing the honours with me. I too thank SOS Nitelife and Mr. Chand Seth for putting up such a spectacular event. All the female DJs were simply amazing and the contest was really tough and I feel lucky to have come out as a joint-winner in the end. I wish more such contests will be held in the future and I would love to perform in front of such a lovely audience once again,” said DJ D’Shelz.

    “We are elated with the success of our flagship contest i.e. Queen of Mashups. I congratulate both our joint-winners of India chapter. Our aim is to provide a platform for the Indian Djanes where they can showcase their talents. The winners will now get a chance to represent India in the Global Championship next year,” said Mr. Chand Seth, the Founder/Managing Director of SOS Nitelife. He further added, ‘Imagica helped create a fun-filled ambience with Imagica By Night, that enthralled guests, as well as cheered our contestants to give their best performance.

    “Our purpose isn’t just to entertain the audience for a night, instead, we also scouted for the next best female djane from India who could compete with the best in the world,” Ms. Lina Ingle, Co-founder/Director, SOS Nitelife, said.

    “The Global Championship has been a huge hit amongst the audiences as they gather in big numbers bigger and better with every passing year,” Ms. Lina added further.

    Earlier this year, SOS Nitelife successfully organised the Queen of Mashups Global Championship which saw the participation of world’s top 15 female Artists. DJ Burlene based in Dubai and DJ Natalia Moon from Australia were crowned Champions in the mega contest.


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