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AIMIM is Agent of BJP :Ibrahim Bhaijaan don’t vote AIMIM


By Aleem Shaikh :Santacruz (West)

“Don’t run behind AIMIM and don’t give them your precious votes . They are nothing  but only agent of the BJP party. what they did for the Minority community? They are only misguiding the Muslim youths in the name of religion , if you will vote them communal party Will come in to power “, Said Ibrahim Bhaijan President Maharashtra State Haj Committee and senior Congress leader while addressing the Election Sabha for the Ward 97 candidate Arjun Singh.
He further appealed to the people of Santacruz  that, Congress party is a secular party of the country and the time has come to support their candidates and make them win.

This  election jansabha was attended by Ex MP Priya Dutt. she said, Arjun Singh is a senior Party leader and I also learnt a lot from him  .He is knowledgeable   person And sincere towards his work.
“Don’t Waste  your vote on independent candidates they will not win the election but only destroy your vote if you want good government  in BMC, Congress party Will give you “, Said Baba Siddiqui Ex MLA And senior Congress leader.
This election Sabha was attended by many senior Congress leaders like Wahed Khan, Iftikhar Barudgar, Umer khatri and  other party workers were also present.


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