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‘E’ ward in action against illegal construction and mafia At teli mohalla


By  Hello Mumbai Team Aleem Shaikh

Demolition of illegal structure by BMC.

The demolition drive carried out by Mr. S.K. Navghare & Mr.M.G.Mahalekar of ‘E’ ward building & factory department and their squad at Golden Garage, 68 Teli Mohalla Sbk street, near duncan road is considered as a great achievement by BMC as this area is very sensitive and maintaining law and order was a big problem in this area. It was unfortunate and very sad that the local police from J.J. marg was not very keen and serious in providing proper security to the bmc demolition squad team. The ward officers had to struggle a lot for getting protection.

After fighting a long legal battle with the police the BMC squad got Police Protection on 2nd January for demolishing the entire 6th floor which was illegally built by the defaulter.

Hello Mumbai News is in possession of all the documents which proves that the demolition was conducted on the order of Mumbai High Court and city civil court.

In spite of this J.J. police station officer were reluctant to provide proper protection. They crossed all the limits when one officer was seen interfering in the legal matters and tried to misguide the bmc officers. In this entire demolition drive the role of police was not co-operative which affected the morals of the E ward officers . When hello Mumbai contacted J.J. marg police officer Mr. Mahske he denied the allegations and said that because of VIP movements and 31st night we couldn’t provide protection at the right time and promised that from now on we will provide protection and all possible support to the bmc squad to demolish illegal structures which are nuisance to the society.



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