Mrs.Winnifred D’souza a Congress Corporator from ward no.83 demands Vaccination Centers Ward wise

Mrs.Winnifred D’souza a Congress Corporator from ward no.83 demands Vaccination Centers Ward wise

In the midst of surge in this pandemic crisis, Hello Mumbai News Correspondent Janvi S. Panjwani converses with Mrs.Winnifred D’souza, a Congress Corporator from ward no.83 for the update of the existing situation of the pandemic in his ward.

Speaking to Janvi S.Panjwani Correspondent, Hello Mumbai News over a phone call Mrs.Winnifred while elaborating on the current situation in her ward, mentioned that, “In my ward the Corona patients status is good and recovery rate is also very good”.

She further added that,”I don’t have any shortage of oxygen as I have machines so if someone is in need me and my team help them”.

When asked what she demanded the State Government she conveyed,” I had demanded vaccination centers to start ward wise, also we take the emergency patients to Seven Hills Hospitals and we don’t see whom they vote we see humanity in people and help them wholeheartedly”.

In addition to this she conveyed that,”I helped people by giving them Rations, and by paying school fees of the students who are in need ,how much I can help I help them from the bottom of my heart”.

Bmc is doing best work ,in this tough times they are giving their best, conveyed Mrs.Winnifred.

She also stated that,” Prashant Sakpade Sir is an ward officer who supports us very much , I thank him for his” support”.

When asked about what is the difference between last year’s Covid situation and this year’s Situation she conveyed that,”Last year the death rate was more and patient’s were less and today in this second wave death rate is less and patient’s are more”.

While addressing to the people she said,” People can take precautions at home also by drinking hot water and if there is an emergency then take the patient to the hospital”.

According to her the lockdown’s decision is right as it will reduce the number of cases but at the same time the government should think about the economic status of the people too.

News Input by:-Janvi S. Panjwani


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