Home News & Events Mumbai: Coronavirus impacts on inbound and outbound travel sectors: Arvind Saini

Mumbai: Coronavirus impacts on inbound and outbound travel sectors: Arvind Saini

Mumbai: Coronavirus impacts on inbound and outbound travel sectors: Arvind Saini

Mumbai: The rapid spread of the coronavirus has affected many business sectors more particularly the Tourism Industry and hospitality industry, the worst to suffer thus leaving many famous destinations and Hotels nearly empty.
Many tourists are cancelling their tickets due to fear of this dreaded Virus.

Meenal Barapatre Associate Editor of Hello Mumbai News while expressing on the Coronavirus concerns has an exclusive interview with Arvind Saini CEO of Arvind Travels .

Arvind Saini : Thanks for considering me for an interview against Coronavirus. Please find below answers of your questions you asked me.

Meenal Barapatre: How has your business been affected due to Coronavirus ?
Arvind: We are into outbound and inbound travel both. It affects our Travel & Tourism Industry a lot because our industry is totally based on Travel. It impacts all the international market and businesses even if I compare my last FY 2018-19 sales to this FY 2019-20. We did a very low business for last 2-3 months because of huge impact of this corona virus in South Asian countries. Hopefully, we will come up with a great start after one month for the next Financial Year.

Meenal Barapatre: How much have you lost businesswise . .?
Arvind Saini : It impacts a lot in Travel business. If we talk about our business, most of the business depends on Ticketing & Visa’s. After spreading this corona virus from China to whole world. We are getting a very less queries from our corporate clients and because of Government Notifications, Public Notices at the Airports every client is scare to travel due to this corona virus deasease.

Meenal Barapatre: How many cancellations have you received as of now due to Coronavirus ?
Arvind Saini : We have a very loyal clientele. Normally, we do business with the corporates. We have got less numbers of cancellations from our clients based in our North region. If we talk about our regular clientage we are not getting any queries from them because of this Corona Virus for last few months.

Meenal Barapatre: How you are facing this Crisis ?
Arvind Saini : According to me, this is not a crisis because I feel that it is just a disease and we will recover it in India with in a month. We are focusing for some other projects also to recover our loss that we got it through this virus. Even we are focusing on deomestic sector also to recover the loss.

Meenal Barapatre: What is your appeal to the Government
Arvind Saini : I don’t have the exact ideas to appeal to the Indian government. I can only appeal and try to make and provide a vaccine against this virus.

Exclusive Interview by Meenal Barapatre.

File Picture of Corona Virus from Google Search


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