Kamatipura Sex Workers celebrate Mamata Banerjee’s landslide victory in WB Elections

    Kamatipura Sex Workers celebrate Mamata Banerjee's landslide victory in WB Elections
    Kamatipura Sex Workers celebrate Mamata Banerjee’s landslide victory in WB Elections
    Kamatipura sex workers congratulates to Mamta Banerjee for her landslide victory in west Bengal election.

    Mamata Banerjee, TMC Chief, is a real Bengal Tigress. Hats off to her for her landslide victory in a tough battle which was no easy to win.

    Following her thumping victory everyone extended their whole-hearted support and their warm wishes to Mamata Didi.

    Notably, the Sex Workers of South Mumbai ‘s obsolete Red Light Area Kamatipura extended their congrats to Mamata Didi over her grand and well-deserved victory against BJP.

    After TMC Chief Mamata Banerjee emerged victorious, Hello Mumbai Team reached Kamatipura, Galli No.13, 14 and 11 which is a home to many Bengali Sex workers caught up with
    Jyoti Chatterjee,(name changed) a sex worker who said, ” I was very much confident that Didi will win the Election because she has strong support of all women. She is very much concerned about women issues and women empowerment. Didi is a lively Bengal sherni . She has fought well fought against BJP.

    Yet another Sex Worker from Gali No 11 .says, Mamtaa Didi is always the most favourite for all Bengali’s and she has won the hearts of all Bengalis in winning by winning this very challenging election against BJP I am very much happy. I personally like Mamta Didi because she is doing great work for poor Bengali people giving free of cost grocery and other essential commodities. She is a very dynamic and and iron lady our good wishes with her.
    Jhanvi another sex worker who is residing in Kamatihipura for the last two decades said, This red light district of Kamathipura once south Indian and Nepali dominant but now the situation had changed its now Bengali Dominants mostly sex workers from Maldaa, North Bengal and kolkataa are here. Interesting thing is that every one has interest in politics since the election announced in West Bengal daily they call to their native place and take daily update about the election. Every one was asking about Mamta Didi and her party candidate position. Mamtaa Didi all time favorite for all of us so we wish her again she is set to become third time CM of West Bengal.

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