Meet 10 Famous Woman Entrepreneurs from Ahmedabad, Surat, Baroda who share their Entrepreneurial Journey on International Women’s Day

Meet 10 Famous Woman Entrepreneurs from Ahmedabad, Surat, Baroda who share their Entrepreneurial Journey on International Women’s Day


Please accept Happy Women’s Day from Hello Mumbai Team :

March 8 is International Women’s Day, a celebration of the social, cultural, political and economic achievements of women around the world.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, we’ve compiled this list of noteworthy and inspiring  Social Entrepreneur,Beauty Entrepreneurs and Business Entrepreneur from Ahmedabad, Baroda  and Surat.

We hope their inspiring stories will inspire one and all.
So guys read on:

Anar Mehta:

Famous As: Social Entrepreneur

Based: Ahmedabad

I Myself Dr. Anar Mehta founding PRESIDENT- Srishtibharat Foundation, Gujarat
United Nations – Awardee
NATIONAL PRESIDENT- Council of Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and
Industry (WICCI)
Startups Forum Bharat
GLOBAL ADVISOR- Global Mental Health Association, UK
CHIEF, Overseas, Women Wing of International Golf Circuit
COMMITTEE MEMBER, World Hindu Economic Forum
CO-FOUNDER of Hello Womeniya- an online Global Women Digital Platform PhD (Honors) in Social Work
by World Human Right Protection Commission
• MBA from Boston University, USA
• BBA from HL Collage, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
• School Education from GLS
Srishti Bharat Introduction:

Srishti Bharat is a platform for the Women to make her empowered, confident, independent, well taught and for her to stand up for herself!
We are working towards making women understand Financial Literacy, Sanitation and Gender Equality. We firmly believe that each one of us can make a difference in the lives of Women. But together we can make a Lifelong Change!

Our efforts are directed to create a safe haven for underprivileged women where they can learn and grow and live with dignity and generate wealth and value for all. We support them to take on bold livelihoods that are non- traditional with the help of our community programs, that enhance a woman’s economic status, quality of life, and decision-making skills within their own families. We help women to step up to leadership roles in their communities and local government, and empower women economically through the formation of self-help groups and our several entrepreneurial initiatives.

Everywhere in the world women face social, cultural and economic barriers to equality!

With this, we ultimately hope to develop a cadre of empowered women who become agents of change in our society.

We are driven with an aim of creating a world where all women even underprivileged enjoy full citizenship, earn respect. We are working across religious and social divides to enable resources for women empowerment.

Today, only 25% of Indian women are employed. Every 1 in 3 women say that they have experienced physical or sexual assault, 70% of all people living in poverty are women and girls, only 22% of the world’s political leaders are women.

Range of Issues faced by Women in India even today:
– Female Infanticide
– Sexual Harassment
– Domestic Violence
– Early Child Marriages
– Lack of Education
– Lack of Personal Hygiene Awareness

We work towards supporting policymakers and other stakeholders to ensure that non-traditional livelihood options are accessible to all women in India. We also advocate for the social concerns being considered in livelihood programmes for women


Srishti Bharat envisages an equitable society where disadvantaged women are empowered to a live healthy and a respectable life on their own terms!

To help eradicate poverty and improve quality of life of women in rural India. To equip resource-poor women with knowledge and master skills so that they excel as professionals and entrepreneurs, and earn a “livelihood with dignity” in the markets that have traditionally been closed for them. We believe that when women are socially and economically independent, they become catalysts of change – not just in their own lives, but also in their families and communities.
Srishti Bharat works to empower women, especially those from marginalized social groups, to take control of their own health, become independent and aware, who are able to contribute equally towards the development of our country.
To also ensure that women are active participants and equal contributors to the growth of our country and they are provided with equal opportunities to thrive.
To create several opportunities for deserving, economically challenged women and children by partnering with communities, philanthropists and local charitable organizations.
Our program aims at:
• Developing and providing quality education, affordable healthcare and supporting skill development to improve the quality of life of women in rural India.
• Build social capital as they transform their lives.
• Get opportunities to work in safe and respectful environments.

Srishti Bharat in Action during COVID-19

01. Medical Kit Providing
Through this initiative, kits are being provided to several NGOs, Police department, under-privileged women, and various needful organizations and individuals to maintain Sanitation and safe environment, which is very essential during this global crisis, Covid-19 pandemic. We have helped several women to sell masks during this time helping in earnings as well as public safety!
Through our other initiatives, Srishti Bharat Foundation is helping and supporting Women and Foreign Women in Gujarat.
During the Covid-19 pandemic, several women are facing issues such as Domestic violence, Gender Bias, Economic instability, Depression, Panic attacks. Needless to stress that Srishti Bharat took an initiative to support such women with the help of meditation healing process, security and their overall well-being. Helpline numbers are provided too. Srishti Bharat Foundation helped Women Globally and incorporated support locally.
02. Menstruation Awareness Programme “Periods don’t stop for the pandemic!”
While the nation was living under a coronavirus induced lockdown and fighting it, girls and women in the rural parts of Gujarat were waging a war to maintain menstrual hygiene! Menstrual Hygiene is an ongoing awareness concept and we know that Periods will not stop even if the country is in lockdown. Srishti Bharat worked with urban poor and rural communities across Gujarat to end menstrual stigma and improve menstrual hygiene practices, sexual reproductive health-seeking behavior and mobility of women and girls. We strive hard create safe spaces to encourage dialogue around these taboo topics in communities and schools, partnering with state governments, teachers, front-line workers, men and boys to spark awareness and sustain a change in knowledge, attitude and behavior towards women and girls.

03. Going Digital During Covid-19
Srishti Bharat, during this pandemic, associated with Amounee, which is a new-age digital platform and used it to generate revenues for talented women and helping them achieve financial independence. The initiative is not only a step for financial independence but it also celebrates the call for an Atma Nirbhar Bharat and going vocal for local! Selling their products online means that they can reach out to customers beyond their geographical reach and hence unlock newer opportunities!

Srishti Bharat also collaborated with Hello Womeniya, which is a woman centric news portal to promote Women Entrepreneurship, Women Empowerment. Srishti Bharat Foundation also strives for Women Empowerment and help all sections of Society. Media plays a very important role to promote any kind of Mission. We aim to promote all women globally via this digital platform.

04. Mask Movement Initiative
Through this initiative, we aimed at providing women employment even in this difficult time of pandemic by utilising their skills to make masks and sell them as well. Through this, we encouraged women to become independent and “Atma Nirbhar” in true sense while also giving something back to the society. This generated a source of constant revenue for the local women and opened a new opportunity for them.

05. Foreign Nationals Initiative
Srishti Bharat firmly believes in, while serving people we do not look at their caste, religion, race or even nationality. Our Dharma is to serve anyone who is in need. We took this initiative to ensure safety of foreign nationals during the time of pandemic. We ensured that they were provided with all the necessary essential items and were safe and sound as they are our guests living in a foreign country. We stand by “Atithi Devo Bhava” at all times!

During the Covid-19 pandemic, several women are facing issues such as Domestic violence, Gender Bias, Economic instability, Depression, Panic attacks. Needless to stress that Srishti Bharat took an initiative to support such women with the help of meditation healing process, security and their overall well-being. Helpline numbers are provided too. Srishti Bharat Foundation helped Women Globally and incorporated support locally.

We at Srishti Bharat, work in multiple arenas to ensure holistic development of women and girls, and by an extension complete development of India.

“Never Underestimate What Women Can Accomplish When They Stand Together” and Srishti Bharat stands with them on their journey always!
Tell us about your Achievements and Recognition:

Ms. Anar Mehta Achievements
1. Anar Mehta is also a member of prestigious Global goodwill Ambassador Foundation- USA.
2. …also international ambassador of MSME & Startups forum – Bharat.
3. Received prestigious Humanitarian Award 2021 from GMHA – Global mental health Association- UK.
4. SDG – Ambassador at SDG CHOUPAL.
5. Chief Women wing at IGC – Indian Golf Circuit.
6. Have received Doctorate Degree in Social work and “Doctor of Social work”.
7. Honorary president- NRI Council – India at Global chamber of Commerce & Industry.
8. United Nations Awardee 2021 for contribution to women’s empowerment.
9. Gujarat & NRI representative – At Strinovation Foundation.
10. Co- author of book “Falling in love with India”
11. Anar mehta is also National president of Rustle of Book club & board member.
12. Global advisor at GMHA
13. Chairman of overseas chapter & Women’s wing at INDIAN GOLF CIRCUIT.
14. Gujarat state chapter President at MSME & startups forum.
15. Anar Mehta has also received Asia’s Outstanding Women Leadership Award.
16. International commissioner of Hindustan Scouts & Guides Association (HSGA)
17. Anar Mehta received Inspirational leadership Award 2021 by International Human rights Advisory council All India Council of Human rights liberties & Social justice.
18. Anar Mehta is recognised with the most prestigious award in India that is Bharat Gaurav shri samaan In April 2022 at New Delhi.
19. Anar Mehta received a community warrior award by the world association of women warriors in warrior awards 2022 Woaw women of Substance Award at New Delhi in March 2022 .
20. On the recommendation of the board of trustees and the governing council of Asian African chamber of commerce & industry (AACCI) , anar mehta inducted as a member as the chairman – women committee of Asian African chamber of commerce & industry in 2022
Where our readers will find you.

Join us today to create a change that will impact many lives! Your participation means a lot to us!
We would love to hear from you, feel free to contact us. We will get in touch with you.
Address: 908, 9th floor, Shivalik Shilp, Iscon Circle, S. G. Highway, Ahmedabad– 380015
Contact Number: +91 997-864-4975
Email Address: [email protected]

Meghana Oza:

Famous As: Social Entrepreneur

Based: Ahmedabad

Hello Mumbai News: Could you Introduce yourself for our readers.

Meghana oza: Hi friends. I am Meghana oza ,I serve lifestyle modifications plans for better healthy society. So in short I am Dietitian.
I love Dancing ,acting ,photoshoot ,modeling ,traveling and shopping. My passion is to become fashion model.

Hello Mumbai News: What Inspired to start your Business.

Meghana oza: My Inner confidence inspired me to start my profession. And my best friend also inspired me to go ahead in my profession .

Hello Mumbai News: What Challenges have you faced as a Woman Entrepreneur and how did you overcome them.

Meghana oza: I face lots of unawareness ,less communication ,and no empowerment…and I face all with smile…,I empower other women to make vest version of themselves.spare me time …everything is done

Hello Mumbai News: Tell Something about your Start-up and how people can benefit from it.

Meghana oza: It’s been 27 yrs of marriage ,15 yrs I gave to my family ,then I start my profession carrier ,and it’s been 11 yrs I am as a chief Dietitian at SAAOL HEART CENTER AHMEDABAD. ❤️ Dr.Bimal chhajer Heart institute. And yes people are happy with my Lifestyle modifications plans.

Hello Mumbai News: Where Does your Inspiration come from.

Meghana oza: my believe and my inner confidence is my inspiration

Hello Mumbai News: Do you feel that in India there are enough structures and facilities put in place to assist women to expand their Startup Journey.

Meghana oza: yes now woman is exploring all areas and yes government is doing good for women empowerment

Hello Mumbai News: How you balance your professional and personal life.

Meghana oza: I balance by giving time ,specific time to profession and yes special time for my family need…so time management ,discipline I follow

Hello Mumbai News: What advice would you give to someone who are aspiring Women Entrepreneur

Meghana oza: Believe in your self. You are Best version on earth..Don’t imitate any others .

Hello Mumbai News: what Women Inspire you.

Meghana oza: Myself

Hello Mumbai News: What’is your message on International Women’s Day.

Meghana oza: Message…love yourself. Invest in Health.,.

Hello Mumbai News: Where our readers can find you and keep in touch with you..

Meghana oza: meghana19742…my insta ID…

Alka Singhal:

Famous As: Social Entrepreneur

Based: Surat

Hello Mumbai News: Introduce yourself for our readers.
Alka Singhal: I’m Alka Singla, the President of Inner Wheel Club of Surat Sea Face have been a successful businesswoman in the textile industry and now turned into a compassionate social worker.

“This year I have spearheaded a donation of INR. 500,000/- sponsoring the Dental Department at Lions Cancer Detection Center at Civil Hospital on behalf of the Inner wheel Club of Surat Sea Face, now all dental treatments and check ups will be done at very nominal charges, also we are currently aiding the treatment of numerous other Cancer Patients. Since I am a cancer survivor myself, I have a soft corner for cancer patients and can feel the pain they go through in fighting cancer.”

Hello Mumbai News: What’s your message on International Women’s Day for Women.
Alka Singhal: When women support each other, incredible things happen.

Hello Mumbai News: What was your key driving force to become an entrepreneur?
Alka Singhal: I have always wanted to be independent and channel my energies in productive ways.

Hello Mumbai News: How has being an entrepreneur affected your family life?
Alka Singhal: My Family has been supportive through my journey as an entrepreneur and has continued to be so even today as I have engrossed myself into charitable causes.

Hello Mumbai News: What motivates you?
Alka Singhal: It has been an innate calling for me to stand up and be there for the people who can be helped and supported. Also, parts of my own struggles have played a part in motivating me toward noble social causes.

Hello Mumbai News: How do you generate new ideas?
Alka Singhal: My own experiences have helped me recognize the need of the times and consider the difficulties that people face in availing the necessary facilities.

Hello Mumbai News: Who has been your greatest inspiration?
Alka Singhal: Growing up, I have always seen my Mother as a strong and compassionate figure in my life and she has played a huge role in inspiring me to be who I am today.

Hello friends!
My name is Alka Singla. Today I want to share my success story with you.
I had started my career in 2003 with only two embroidery machines, at the time when the concept of embroidery machines was completely new in India with only a few machines operating in Surat.
At that time we had imported the two machines from China and brought in all the raw material from Mumbai. During that time, there were a handful of designers and operators who knew the way about these machines. Hence, I started from scratch and first learned how to operate the machines. The journey that I started with two machines then increased to 4 machines and slowly to 8 machines as work picked up and now I have 50 embroidery machines in my factory.
I have now also turned to social work and hold Presidentship of the Inner Wheel Club of Surat Sea Face.
We have executed a big project in November, 2021 wherein we have opened 5 stitching centers in 5 different villages and have donated 25 stitching machines, 5 machines to each center. The main aim of this project was to ensure that the women of these villages learn the skill of stitching and then continue to work and become self independent. We have been doing these kinds of projects and will continue to do so.
The main purpose of doing these projects and sharing my story with you today is to encourage all women and reinforce women empowerment.

Smita Ghosh:

Famous As: Social Entrepreneur

Based: Ahmedabad

Hello Mumbai News: Introduce yourself for our readers.
Smita Ghosh: Life Mantra: Be your own reason to SMILE….
My Belief
Each one of us has to contribute back to Society. Mine is therefore a journey to own up to our responsibilities towards a larger cause – A cause that I believe has the capacity to change society in small ways leading to a better, more aware future. ​I love turning great ideas into reality. I am passionate about my work. Because I love what I do.
What I strive for – is to make a difference. A difference that may end up making the crucial difference between negativity and positivity in people’s lives.
Trainer and Facilitator with over 8 years’ experience. Over the time I have established expertise in Behavioural skills, soft skills, Emotional Intelligence and Self-Awareness. I have training experience across Industries, running long and short-term training workshops and programs.
About Me
A Counselling Psychologist with a Doctorate in Philosophy, practising as a consultant (Education for CSR), behavioural counsellor, corporate trainer, content writer & Part-time Entrepreneur of Mi Merak. I am passionate about the workings of the human mind and the emotions that lead to contentment and happiness. An expert in mindfulness and meditation, it is my objective to work in elevating Human Resources/ Interpersonal Relations and overall Organisational Health in diverse sectors.

Hello Mumbai News: What’s your message on International Women’s Day for Women.
Smita Ghosh: Be thankful for your struggle in life because, without it, you wouldn’t have stumbled across your Strengths. And
This International Women’s Day gift yourself – Logic, Decisiveness and Inner Strength- Value and Use it well!
Share your Recognition and Achievements.
‘Awards and Achievements are all an applause of Discipline, Determination and being Optimistic’.

Hello Mumbai News: Awards and Achievements
Smita Ghosh: Indian Psychological Association (IPA)- Academic Excellence Award 2020
Super Woman 2020 – Forever Star India Awards
Research Excellence Award 2020 – Institute of Scholars (INSC)
Excellence Award Women Researcher – National Educational Brilliance Award (NEBA)
Award for Contribution in Health Awareness – International Education Award
Remarkable Women 2021 Award
Appreciation – Humanitarian Excellence (I Can Foundation)
Award for contribution in Research and Development in higher education – MIMT
Best Research Paper Presentation – MIMT
Bharat Gaurav Puraskar and Certificate of Excellence Award 2021 – KTK Outstanding Achievers and Education Foundation
Mindful Educator of the Year Award 2021- Mind On
IBRF Young Researcher Award-2021 – International Benevolent Research Foundation
Super Woman 2021 – Motivational Speaker – FSIA
Top 100 Women Leadership Award – Glantor X 2022

Hello Mumbai News: How did you come up with the name for your company?
Smita Ghosh: Mi Merak – It’s My Life

Our Story-Vision-Mission:
Mi Merak, in simple words means finding pleasures and happiness in everything around US.

At Mi Merak we strive to enable human beings to go through this process of Self Discovery .
We at Mi Merak follow the art of SELF DISCOVERY through the technique of C3T- Counselling, Coaching, Consulting & Training through following mode:

S – Self Awareness
E – Emotional Development
L – Learning -Unlearning – Relearning Theory
F – Focus Training for Total Development
By Discovery of
Need Analysis – Skill Gap – Strength – Weakness – Goal

Hello Mumbai News: What motivates you?
Smita Ghosh: ‘If you want to inspire the world, then inspire yourself’.

Each and every aspect of my life motivates me to strive for my dreams. My family, my friends, my acquaintances motivate me and push me harder to achieve my goals and aspirations.
Whenever I feel low or faced with challenges, I’m the one who motivates myself to get up in my life! We all live for ourselves so why do we expect someone to come into our life and complete us by inspiring and motivating us!

Hello Mumbai News: How do you define success? Skills needed to be successful Entrepreneur?
Smita Ghosh: There are many factors but if you really have the key elements then to me these are the Key to Success:

Believing in Self
Positive Attitude

Hello Mumbai News: What is your favourite aspect of being an entrepreneur?
Smita Ghosh: Living your PASSION

Hello Mumbai News: What piece of advice would you give to college graduates who want to become entrepreneurs?
Smita Ghosh: Be a lifelong student and
Try to think Beyond Academics (Be practical – Don’t follow Books): ‘Learn Unlearn Relearn’
If you had the chance to start your career over again, what would you do differently?
My life journey was Unique so do my career path. I don’t want any aspect to be different. Each and every part of that Journey was a Learning which has helped me.
What entrepreneurial tricks have you discovered to keep you focused and productive in your day-to-day busy schedule?
Getting the right opportunity and performing to the best of your capability when you get that opportunity. To get that opportunity, I present myself as a brand. I prepare myself to give in my best shot at each opportunity that comes my way.

My Business Mantra: ‘If you are positive, you will see Opportunities instead of Obstacles’.

Hello Mumbai News: Is Gujrat state Entrepreneurs friendly,,?
Smita Ghosh: Yes 100%
How Gujarat Government support women Entrepreneur
Gujarat Women Economic Development Corporation Ltd., Govt. of Gujarat, project of Entrepreneurship Awareness Programmes (EAP) customized under ‘Woman Entrepreneurship Development Programme (WEDP) plans to train 1050 potential women entrepreneurs. This project’s spread is panning Gujarat comprising 33 districts.


Famous As: Beauty Entrepreneur

Based: Baroda

Hello Mumbai News: Could you Introduce yourself for our readers.
Fiza: Hello peoples , pleased to have a talk with you all.
Here I am FIZA youngest celebrity makeup artist owner of “fashionista magazine” and “Fiza’s academy” .

Hello Mumbai News: when and how did you get into Beauty Industry.
Fiza: I am in this industry since around a decade. Started this journey after a marriage even child coz “nothing is late”!. First of all started with a freelance makeup artist and worked hard 24 × 7 till today and now I’m generous to say I’m the owner of my makeup studio.

Hello Mumbai News: How would you Describe your Signature Look.
Fiza: I don’t believe in signature look. My priority is the look my bride wants whatever it is I will put my heart and soul in it.

Hello Mumbai News: what made you come up with your Own Make up line.
Fiza: First of all my belief that I can do it . Then finding a trend or niche in the market . Picking a product which is useful plus budget friendly for our youth and teenage girls. Amd that’s how i registered my e-commerce business .

Hello Mumbai News: What is Beauty for you.
Fiza: For me beauty is the one we have inside. Because of its subjective side, beauty is said to be “in the eye of the beholder”. As a makeup artist Cosmetics applied to the face to enhance its appearance are often called MAKEUP.
MAKEUP that can enhance your inner beauty , your God gifted features.

Hello Mumbai News: Tell Something about your speciality and services you provide.
Fiza: My consistency and hardworking personality is something people know me for .Not giving up in thick and thin . Our Fiza’s academy is special for Makeup, hairstyle and education.

Hello Mumbai News: which elements of job do you most enjoy.
Fiza: My clients happiness is what makes me happy. There satisfaction in my work i enjoy the most.

Hello Mumbai News: Do you have any Tips or advice for Aspiring Make up Artist.
Fiza: That’s the main reason I’m here to inspire my fellow makeup artist. Here are some tips from my side.
“Never ever give up” That my spirit logo that keeps me going.
Practice. Practice. Practice. The key to your perfection.
Get a Formal Education. How to approach your clients. How to interact with your clients.
Handling social media. Most important topic we cover in our masterclasses. Because after all practices and hard work if you don’t know how to present yourself in front of audience then in my preference its all waste. You need to convince your clients how you’re different from others and what’s your speciality.

Hello Mumbai News: What type challenges have you faced during your professional Journey.
Fiza: Clients Expectations -We often see that Makeup Artists are having a bad time with the client as things are not going the way the client expected.It is extremely important to discuss the very detail of your Makeup.Your client may not know a thing about makeup or may pretend or compare your work with somebody else. They will have a vague imagination about their look and if that is not completed then most likely they will be dissatisfied. I started Understanding what they really want and that was my starting point.
Difficult Clients- Yup we all makeup artist have been there once in our journey. When i was a new makeup artist, it used to be a serious dent in my confidence. Of course, the experience helped to handle the situation but then how to do that? . You need to be calm and patient with your client There are millions of situations where i would feel uncomfortable but in no situation, I picked a fight with my client. If i cannot tolerate it any more, i use to Put down my brush and talk it out with my client.
Communication – As a young makeup artist it used to be my enemy. But deliberately i learned as a makeup artist, you need to understand the personality of your customer. it is not the English that you must know, It is how you carry your verbal and chat conversations in any language you and your client prefer.

Hello Mumbai News: What’s your message on International Women’s Day
Fiza: Here are my best wishes to all the womens on International Women’s Day 2023!
Wishing a very happy Woman’s Day to all my strong, intelligent, talented and wonderful womens of this world! Don’t you ever forget that you are loved and appreciated.

Hello Mumbai News: who is your favourite Make up Artist.
Fiza: Salam Aldaas is my favourite

Hello Mumbai News: How you balance your professional and personal life.
Fiza: By never including my professional life to personal and personal life to professional. I maintain both of them differently. Yes sometimes it is difficult as a working mom but having my loving husband, family, friends and students beside me i think i can conquer the whole world!

Hello Mumbai News: when our readers can find you and keep in touch with you.
Fiza: Instagram: @makeover_by_fizaa
Cantact no.: 7201052740
But remember I’m always in your heart.❤️

Hello Mumbai News: Tour Achievement and Recognition.
Fiza: Having a honour of “youngest celebrity makeup”.
Owner of fashioniista magazine. And worked with many Bollywood and television celebrities like sunayna fozdar, mughdha godse, tasha hayat, Tanya sharma & shagun, shubhaavi choksey, digangnaa suryavanshi, chahat khanna, jannat zubair, saba khan& somi khan, rupali jagga, poja misra, donal bisht, avika gor and many more..
Owner of fiza’s academy and makeup studio
Awarded as Best celebrity makeup artist vadodara in 2019 by Gea awards from madhuri dixit nene

Hello Mumbai News: Do you feel Gujarat is favourite destination for women Entrepreneurs and Beauty Artists and Why.
Fiza: Yess definitely because I’m itself born and brought up in Gujarat. And I think we people of Gujarat respect our women entrepreneurs the most.

Darshna Thakkar:

Famous As: Business Entrepreneur

Based: Baroda

Hello Mumbai News: Introduce yourself for our readers.
Darshna Thakkar: I am Darshana Thakkar, an expert in the Transformation of the business that helps businesses achieve growth with speed and scale. I am an Electrical Engineer followed by an MBA-Operations with hardcore industry experience in managing business operations. I have invested 27 years in Transforming Micro and Small Enterprises. My rich experience in resolving pain areas and the MSME/SME industry’s real-life problem are helping the organization for quick results.
I helped many MSMEs to increase profitability & achieve sustainable growth.
I am very keen on the growth of Indian Start-ups, providing mentoring and hand-holding support to start-ups to make them succeed quickly.
I am passionate about supporting women in pursuing their career and life goals. She is actively working for women’s entrepreneurship and leadership development.
With these visions, I started Transformation 6 years back.
The Transformation started with a mission of assisting Entrepreneurs in growing beyond their current stage and sustaining the same in the long run. Each business has the potential to multiply with the help of the right strategy, focused business plans, Optimal input cost, Competitive pricing, and the right decision at the right time, which helps to stay ahead of the competition. We support the ENTREPRENEUR to connect these dots and chalk the growth plan.
Transformation assists companies in establishing growth-oriented marketing and Branding strategy, achieving a quantum reduction in input material cost, and improving operational efficiency and profits with a long-term sustainability model.
The Transformation has started by seasoned and visionary women Enterpreurs Mrs. Darshana Manish Thakkar.

Hello Mumbai News: What’s your message on International Women’s Day for Women.
Darshna Thakkar:  We are now in the Amrutkal of Independent India and on the way to becoming “Atmanirbharbhara.” In my opinion, to make the India Atmanirbhar, “Atmanirbhanari” is the foundation stone.
There is discrimination every place against women may, be it in a job or it is entrepreneurship. The capabilities are women leaders and entrepreneurs often underestimated. Even the super-successful women of today also faced many challenges on their journey.
My advice is to stick to your goal and pursue your dream. Nobody can stop you except yourself. I understand women in India have more responsibilities in social life than professional ones. But come out of your comfort zone and dare to be different. The tremendous potential is hidden in yourself, dear WOMENIYA. Women of the current time are lucky enough to have a positive environment from all the stack holders of society, including the government, and both men and women of our country support them.
Women supporting women is my philosophy, and I follow that too.

Hello Mumbai News: Share your Recognition and Achievements.
Darshna Thakkar: Founder and CEO of Transformation
Certified Women Director by IICA, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India
Member of the Board of Management at Makarpura Industrial estate co-operative bank limited.
Empanel and recognized Start-up mentor and Trainer by CED, Government of Gujarat.
Registered and Verified Business Advisor- Tata Nexarc, Tata Business HUB, Mumbai.
Chairperson : MSME Support & PRO at Makarpura GIDC Association, Vadodara.
MSME Transformation and Strategic Advisor- MSME Business Forum India
Author in India’s No -1 Industrial Automation magazine

Winner of Gujarat Women’s leader award 2022 by CMO Asia.
Winner of Influential Women leader in business by Insight Success 2022.
Recognized as India’s most trusted consulting company by Insight Success 2022.
Felicitated by Mentor my board in the gracious presence of Honourable FM Mrs. Nirmala Sitaraman during Women Director’s conclave -2022
Recognized as Top 50 Trusted consulting companies of 2022 by Insight success.
Felicitated by the president of Makarpura GIDC Association during the Suvarna Jayanti Mahotsav on 17th Dec-2022 for her excellent contribution in supporting MSME and start-up Businesses.

Hello Mumbai News: What was your key driving force to become an entrepreneur?
Darshna Thakkar: The business has been in my mind since childhood. But I couldn’t pursue that dream earlier in life. I interacted with several vendors and customers with a few companies during my corporate career.
During that time, I realized that many small businesses were operating in an unorganized manner. Many companies started business as a single entity and then grew informally. I also observed that many high-potential MSME companies face tremendous challenges with product quality, delivery, cost, and day-to-day operations.
They lack professionalism in internal processes as well as external communications. With my prevailing position in the respective company, I tried my best to support such an organization to improve. But that was very specific and for the limited network only. “Then after, I decided to quit the Job to start my venture, “Transformation,” with a vision to support high potential Indian MSMEs for sustainable growth and improved profitability.”

Hello Mumbai News: How did you come up with the name for your company?

Darshna Thakkar: My vision is to transform Indian small businesses, including MSME and Start-ups. I want to provide a 360-degree company transformation covering business growth and internal business operations. I was very much inspired by the Japanese work culture and their dedication to the organization during my career at Mitusbishi Group company. I am passionate about transforming our small business organization with appropriate strategies. So decide on the name Transformation-The Strategy HUB

Hello Mumbai News: How did you raise funding for your venture?
Darshna Thakkar: My company is bootstrapped. I started the company with my saving and received initial financial and moral support from my husband, Manish Thakkar

Hello Mumbai News: How do you build a successful customer base?
Darshna Thakkar: My rich experience in the manufacturing industry handling many problem areas with limited resources is the main point behind my success after strong networking habits. Apart from this, professional values and qualities are essential for retaining and growing the business.
Because of this,I can provide solutions to my clients with a limited budget and minimum changes in the organization’s culture. We provide every client with customized solutions as a standard process doesn’t suit every business. Their solutions and implementation process are entirely based on the resource availability and budget of the client.
Apart from this, ethical business practice and transparency at every stage of the transformation process is the main reason for our client’s trust and our success of Transformation. “Moreover, We always ensure to keep all the information of our clients confidential,”

Hello Mumbai News: How do you market your business, and which tactics have been most successful?
Darshna Thakkar: The number one rule is to network and connect with as many people as possible. Come out of your comfort zone, meet people, and help them as far as possible.
Secondly, instead of becoming competitive, adopt a collaborative approach. We are also allowing a helping hand to reciprocate a helping hand to yll.
How many hours a day do you work on average?
Being an entrepreneur, no fixed working hours. My working hours vary from 7 hours a day to 14 hours a day sometimes. Depending upon many variables.
Can you describe/outline your typical day?
As an entrepreneur, there is lots of freedom and many more responsibilities. Space in terms of flexibility of time. Duties in terms of managing multiple faces of the business. For example, One day, I move out of the home at noon if there is an online meeting early in the morning or sometime move out at 7 am if there is an outstation client meeting. Similarly, closing hours are also quite variable depending on the work. Usually, my professional work starts at 10 am and ends around 7 pm. It starts early morning or ends late evening, depending on the assignment.

Hello Mumbai News: How has being an entrepreneur affected your family life?
Darshna Thakkar: It is only possible with the support of family members. It is said for the success of men, a woman is behind it. But instead, I would say for the success of any woman; there is a family behind it. I recommend all men and women support women in your family who is on the way to pursuing their dream. Especially the women of the family sometimes become the enemy of the women. I request: please-please allow her to move on to achieve her dream, Your family and our nation will be blessed with happiness and prosperity.

Hello Mumbai News: What motivates you?
Darshna Thakkar: The growth of my client, the success of my mentee start-up, and the success of fellow women entrepreneurs is the primary motivating factor for me.
The trust of my client in my abilities is the key driving force for working hard for them to make them succeed.

Hello Mumbai News: How do you generate new ideas?
Darshna Thakkar: I firmly believe “Change is the only constant” There is no age limit or end for learning any new things. As a professional, I am continually updated with new technology, market trends, etc., and constantly updated with the latest management and business practices. I am doing lots of reading and learning to generate and implement new ideas for my client’s success.

Hello Mumbai News: What is your greatest fear, and how do you manage fear?
Darshna Thakkar: As far as you are working ethically, there is no fear. It only comes when you lie or cheat someone. Otherwise, success and failure are part of life during the lifecycle of the business.

Hello Mumbai News: What are your ideals?
Darshna Thakkar: Transparency and ethical business practices.

Hello Mumbai News: How do you define success?
Darshna Thakkar: The definition of success is unique for everyone. In a true sense, it is the purpose. The purpose of what you are is to start the entrepreneurial journey. If you can solve the purpose of starting your business to some extent, which gives you satisfaction, it is a success. If it is to earn money and wealth creation, then there are many other ways. But fulfilling the own inner purpose gives a deep feeling of satisfaction. For me, my pursuit of starting the entrepreneurial journey is to Transform the business of our Indian MSME companies and to provide mentoring to our youngsters to start and succeed in their businesses. Ultimately, successful start-ups generate employment for many other people; this way can contribute to national development.
Secondly, a large no of employable women is looking for opportunities. I want to provide them with mentoring and a platform to fulfill their dream of doing something.

Hello Mumbai News: Do you believe there is some sort of pattern or formula to becoming a successful entrepreneur?
Darshna Thakkar: No, there is no standard formula or definition of success. Hard work, dedication, and focus on your goal bring shining results.

Hello Mumbai News: What is your favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur?

Darshna Thakkar: As an entrepreneur, I can support many other people to pursue their dreams and become successful. I am not earning my livelihood but employing others as well.

Hello Mumbai News: What has been your most satisfying moment in business?
Darshna Thakkar: It is while someone recognizes that they are benefited from my association. Recognition of my efforts is a significant motivating factor for me.

Hello Mumbai News: What piece of advice would you give to college graduates who want to become entrepreneurs?
Darshna Thakkar: I have observed in recent years our youngsters are looking for quick results. They need instant results for any of the efforts. Nothing comes easy; they remember this thing. They must work hard, learn many skills, and, most importantly, wait at least 1000 days to eat the fruit of success. They need to know to formulate and adopt a suitable strategy to succeed in the business.

The most important thing I believe in the entrepreneurship journey is, Don’t run after to find a successful business idea that makes you billions. But look after the solutions for the problem in the belief that make you billions. But look after the solutions for the problem in society in the surrounding area. Make it your passion and make the affordable and reasonable solution your business. I am dam sure you will be a successful entrepreneur.

Hello Mumbai News: If you had the chance to start your career over again, what would you do differently?
Darshna Thakkar: I find societal problems and try to resolve them with my ideas and business.

Hello Mumbai News: What would you say are the top three skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur?
Darshna Thakkar: In my opinion, strategic planning, organizing, and networking are the key to success in the business.

Hello Mumbai News: What entrepreneurial tricks have you discovered to keep you focused and productive in your day-to-day busy schedule?
Darshna Thakkar: Prioritize the task appropriately instead of random activities. Sometimes it is important to say NO when it’s not your cup of tea. Don’t jump everywhere who shows you stars in the sky.

Hello Mumbai News: What key activities would you recommend entrepreneurs invest their time in?
Darshna Thakkar: Strategic planning and goal setting are the essential secrets of success. People often miss out on the steps and work very hard but in a haphazard manner. They are always in firefighting mode and don’t properly plan the business process and activities.
The second important task is the skill of delegation, which is often missing in most small business owners.
After growing at some level, you cannot handle everything alone. You have to delegate the task to your team appropriately with proper monitoring. I say monitoring and not controlling. In current times where millennials and zen-z people are in the workforce, they need freedom and recognition for their work. Never try to contour them with years-old supervisory methods. Keep trust in them and follow for results only.

Hello Mumbai News: Who has been your greatest inspiration?
Darshna Thakkar: The most significant source of my inspiration is my family members. They are always with me in any situation. My parents taught me the fundamentals and ethics in life. They helped me pursue my dream by allowing me to pursue an engineering career, which was very limited for women in the 90s—all my siblings provided motivation and moral support during my whole life, whatever it was. My husband is always there with me in all the situations of life. He is the best guide for my professional journey to learn business tricks.

Nirali Dagli:

Famous As: Social Entrepreneur

Based: Ahmedabad

Hello Mumbai News: Introduce yourself for our readers-

Nirali Dagli: An agile and multi-dimensional leader, Ms. Nirali Dagli is recognized for making a measurable contribution through innovative thinking in education. She is knowledgeable, respected and decorated educator, visionary, and highly collaborative higher education administrator, transformative and an education thought Leader. With over two decades of experience and an innovative problem-solving approach rooted in her skill set, Nirali Dagli brings on the table a curious mix of creativity and passion for excellence. As the National President of WICCI Elementary Education Council for India, Ms. Dagli has added value to strengthen women’s voice and leadership in the media and across institutions.
Ms. Dagli focuses on building and sustaining reciprocal family and community partnerships and leverages those partnerships to cultivate inclusive, caring and culturally responsive school community. She leads by encouraging the team members to continually learn, develop and become leaders themselves. She believes that through offering professional development opportunities and support services to teachers, and by creating an environment where teachers are encouraged to experiment, innovate and lead, education thought leaders can ensure a healthy environment for educators that will have positive repercussions for students.
From developing policy frameworks, to planning for multi sector-wise ecosystem, from engaging with diverse stakeholders to mainstream women’s voices and uphold women’s interest, voice and visibility at multiple levels, to holding programs, webinars, conferences, and helping mitigate challenges through networking and mentoring, collaboration and mutual exchange, Ms. Dagli showcases a wide range of areas of expertise.
What’s your message on International Women’s Day for Women- Never step back from taking challenges head on. The solution lies in the problem- so deal with the problem- face it- do not turn away from the problem- it’s an opportunity wrapped in a problem
Share your Recognition and Achievements
Awarded with the prestigious IPN Impact Leader 2022 Award in Bengaluru
Participated as a plenary member speaker on The Education Policy in the G100~G20 Agenda- Annual Women Economic Forum (WEF) organized in New Delhi
Appointed as SELIN Chapter Director for Ahmedabad Chapter
Featured in the list of 100 exemplary women in Education
Shortlisted among the top 100 Principals across India in 2019
Won the ‘Principal of the Year’ award in 2019.
Earned the prestigious SamagraShiksha Empowering India Awards.

Hello Mumbai News: What was your key driving force to become an entrepreneur?

Nirali Dagli: I am an entrepreneur and the key driving force was my passion to contribute to the society and catch them young- to drive change meaningfully

Hello Mumbai News: Can you describe/outline your typical day?
Nirali Dagli: Waking up at 6 AM- going through routine at home and at work
Returning home from school- relaxing- reading books- spending time with family

Hello Mumbai News: How has being an entrepreneur affected your family life?
Nirali Dagli: My son is independent in his thoughts and action. My husband and I align our work schedules and make time for ‘us-time’

Hello Mumbai News: What motivates you?
Nirali Dagli: Challenges at work and the satisfaction after overcoming the challenge is the most motivating factor. Also when old students remember you and come running in public places to touch the feet and recall their classroom days- nothing can match up with that feeling.

Hello Mumbai News: How do you generate new ideas?
Nirali Dagli: I believe in analytical thinking and collaborative work.

Hello Mumbai News: What is your greatest fear, and how do you manage fear?
Nirali Dagli: I fear defamation and loss of name. I manage it by remaining transparent in processes and accurate in compliances

Hello Mumbai News: What are your ideals?
Nirali Dagli: Speak the truth and take a stand

Hello Mumbai News: How do you define success?
Nirali Dagli: Success has no shelf life. One needs to keep innovating.

Hello Mumbai News: Do you believe there is some sort of pattern or formula to becoming a successful entrepreneur?
Nirali Dagli: There is no one size fits all solution. Every situation is unique and filled with opportunities. Be ready to take it head on. There is no escape way or short cut.

Hello Mumbai News: What is your favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur?
Nirali Dagli: The vulnerability, uncertainty and ambiguity in entrepreneurship does not allow you to celebrate too early. It also does not allow you to stay low for too long.

Hello Mumbai News: What piece of advice would you give to college graduates who want to become entrepreneurs?
Nirali Dagli: Go ahead to embrace the world of opportunities. Thank your stars if you fail- which means that there are other ways of acting and decision making. Be wary if you meet with success- too early or topo easily- certainly- you are not learning- you must be missing something

Dr. Madhuri Bhatt:

Famous As: Health Entrepreneur

Based: Ahmedabad

Hello Mumbai News: Introduce yourself for our readers.
Dr. Madhuri Bhatt: Challenges and difficulties you have faced in your Entrepreneur journey.

Hello Mumbai News: Please tell us what prompted u to take up entrepreneurship? Tell our readers about your products and services

Dr. Madhuri Bhatt: Myself Dr.Madhuri Bhatt Founder of Soham Homoeopathic Clinic and Healing Centre. I am practicing homoeopath since last 15 years. Being a homoeopath I have known many aspects of an individual life. Which motivated me to cure my patients not only of their physical complaints but also psychological, financial problems. I strongly believe in cosmic energies and I started practicing Pranic healing, Crystal healing, Sound Healing and many other healing modalities. I am a certified clinical hypnotherapist which helped me to treat past traumas of an individual. I am a Graphologist, Batchflower therapist, Access bar Practioner which make me treat my patients the best way.
During my journey I have seen people suffering from hair and skin problems. And using harmful chemicals in form of Cosmetics. So I decided to find the solution for it. I started manufacturing the advance natural skincare and haircare cosmetic products .And my brand HERBONUOVA has evolved. We manufacture phytobased advanced natural cosmetics. Which helped my patients to get personal care tye natural way.

Hello Mumbai News: As a Gujrati Entrepreneur how you forsee the Indian Market.

Dr. Madhuri Bhatt: Indian market has huge potential. We have dedicated work culture. The govt policies are helping MSME and women entrepreneurs .

Hello Mumbai News: What are the prospects for Startups in Gujrat for Women Entrepreneur’s?

Dr. Madhuri Bhatt: They are excellent. Many Startup cells , Universities are supporting women Entrepreneurs. Anyone who wants to start business from base, various institutions are ready to guide.

Hello Mumbai News: Are Gujrat Women are Entrepreneurs friendly?

Dr. Madhuri Bhatt: Yes. It’s said that business lives In blood and bones of Gujarati families. Women are backbone of family finances. And now they are utilizing the in born skill in their business.

Hello Mumbai News: How do you foresee the future of a Startup and Entrepreneurship in Gujarat and your experience?

Dr. Madhuri Bhatt: The Startups which are having potential to deal with real problem and give solution are working great.

Hello Mumbai News: Do you agree Gujrat has Huge potential on Msme and startup?

Dr. Madhuri Bhatt: Yes. Absolutely. I am the council member of WICCI MSME . and we do organize talk shows and workshop for spreading awareness about govt Schemes for MSME and especially for women Entrepreneurs

Hello Mumbai News: What are the qualities of a good woman entrepreneur?

Dr. Madhuri Bhatt: Determined and ready to take action are the qualities needed for a good female entrepreneur.

Hello Mumbai News: What challenges you had to overcome in begining of your journey?

Dr. Madhuri Bhatt: Being a female it is definitely at times difficult to manage the family and the work place. There was a time when I need to stop my clinical practice as motherhood took the priority . I had faced a resistance and criticism as well for developing a cosmetic brand .that y do i need to do it ? But i was firm on my thoughts to creat the natural , safe products .

Hello Mumbai News: What was your key driving force to become entrepreneur?

Dr. Madhuri Bhatt: I always believed that sickness is not only physical but emotional and Financial as well. So to cure my patients I always incorporate various healing with my homoeopathy treatment. This kept me keep learning and gaining knowledge and help others.

Hello Mumbai News: What makes female entrepreneurs successful.

Dr. Madhuri Bhatt: There is no shortcuts to success. One should work hard with proper planning , and success will follow. Women are having this ability to work .

Hello Mumbai News: Is Gujrat a good destination for women Entrepreneurs.

Dr. Madhuri Bhatt: Yes. In Gujrat Women Entrepreneurs are getting huge respect and support from families and society.

Hello Mumbai News: Introduce yourself for our readers.

Dr. Madhuri Bhatt: Myself Dr.Madhuri Bhatt , MD Homoeopath
Founder of Soham Homoeopathic Clinic and Healing Centre at Ahmedabad.
I am teaching since last 12 years in homoeopathic medical college and a PhD scholar.
I am council member of WICCI MSME Council.

Hello Mumbai News :What’s is your message on International Women’s Day.
Do not limit yourself in  boundaries. Believe in yourself. You can do it.
Hello Mumbai News: What is your advice for Aspiring Entrepreneur
Be determined on your goal. Do the ground work properly and don’t give up at any point of time.

Hello Mumbai News:Tell Something about your identity and recognition.
I have been awarded for my services in health, wellness abd beauty sector by national level organizations.

1.  Indian Women Momeprenoure Awards Doctors category by Nirgia Foundation
2. Radiance Iconic award for Alternative Healing therapies by Miral foundation
3. Page 3Lifestyle excellence award for health and wellness by Page3lifestyle Company
4. Fempreneur  award for health and wellness by VyaaparJagat
5. Dynamic Professor of the year by Asian Education foundation.
6. Best Enterpreneur Award for Brand HERBONUOVA By ISOC.

Hetal Amin:

Famous As: Business Entrepreneur

Based: Ahmedabad

INTRODUCTION -Hetal Amin is a remarkable woman who has dedicated the last 20 years of her life to empowering women and building a strong community of women. She has successfully built a network of over 3 lakh women, providing them with a platform to connect, share ideas, and support one another. Her passion and commitment to women’s empowerment have earned her the nickname “Inauguration Queen,” as she has helped countless women launch their own businesses and projects. Through her work, Hetal has inspired and empowered women to pursue their dreams, break down barriers, and achieve their full potential. She is a true champion of women’s rights and a role model for women everywhere. Hetal Amin’s contributions to society have not gone unnoticed. Her selfless work has earned her the recognition and respect of many, including 134 prestigious awards. These awards are a testament to her dedication, hard work, and commitment to making a positive impact on the world around her. Hetal’s unwavering commitment to empowering women and serving her community is an inspiration to us all. Her passion and dedication remind us that with hard work and determination, we can achieve great things and make a real difference in the world.

I work for 20 hours maximum and 16 hours minimum, If I dive in particular work than i complete it for sure

It seems that my key driving force to become an entrepreneur was my passion that i want to do something differently and my desire to make a positive impact in my community. My entrepreneurial spirit, combined with my commitment to social impact, has enabled me to build a successful network of women and help many individuals to achieve their goals.

My mother inspires me always and she naimed my NGO “Kalyani Sahasik Mahila Vikas Sangh” meaning of this name- kalyani jo sbka kalyan kre sahasik mtlb jo koi bhi kary sahas k sath kre Mahila Vikas mtlb mahilao k vikas me karyrt esa Sangh esi community that serves nation selflessly

Communicating with members of my network, planning and organizing events/exhibition, researching new trends and best practices in women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship in order to stay informed and up-to-date on the latest developments, mentoring and coaching women who are starting or growing their businesses, providing guidance and support as they navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship

Dr. Nimisha:

Famous As: Health Entrepreneur

Based: Ahmedabad

Hello Mumbai News: Introduce yourself.

Dr. Nimisha: Dr Nimisha Shah is an Ayurvedic consultant & specialized in treatment of hair and skin. Not only a doctor by profession she is indeed very passionate above the problems that people face due to various health issues a specially related to hair & skin.

She is founder of GlamGreens, a herbal company ….
Glam Greens Herbal Care

GlamGreens developed
Natural hair care,skin care and zero chemical makeup products

She has completed her BAMS(Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicines and Surgery) from Ahmedabad and has vast experience of 25+ yrs in the field of Ayurveda she has also done her METC from Civil hospital Gandhinagar.

She has vast experience in the field of research as well incidenty it happened that during practice as doctor she came across patients who are suffering from acute chronic allergies and other diseases such cases as we see arising all around us she did an indept study to find the underlying causes and discovered that harsh harmful beauty products and chemically loaded ingredients are the root cause of these diseases she continued her research further and finally decided to come up with beauty products range for hair and skin which is absolutely pure, safe, natural, reliable, very effective and safe to use for all age groups and skin types she specially formulated various beauty products for hair and skin.

Giving back to the society the good old values of Ayurveda and beauty secrets in the form of her valuable research nd expertise and ofcourse her excellent product range has became her motto.

Apart from Hair and Skin care products, her product range includes…. Natural Make-up products. All women are born beautiful, but to enhance her looks…. Glamgreens has come up with a super exciting range of makeup products ranging from Lipsticks to kajal to compacts which again are natural, pure, reliable and very effective and safe for all age groups and skin types

She has also been conducting seminars and workshops for the same this efforts of her has been facilitated and awarded by various organizations and institutions. At present her company GlamGreens has a huge and impressive clientele for whom she gives online as well as offline guidance and consultation to the list of a clients includes patients from Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Surat Baroda and Dubai ..

She recieved lots of satisfied feedback of patients and clients after using GlamGreens herbal products and medications

Being a woman first and than a doctor, her prime concern is that womanhood should be celebrated with enhancing our looks without compromising on our health and hygiene

so let’s Glamup with our vedic secrets.

Dr Nimisha Shah
Ayurvedic Consultant
Hair and skin specialist
M 94275 23970

Founder of Glam Greens herbal care
Hair care,skin care zero chemical makeup products

Hello Mumbai News: How many hours a day you work on an average?
Dr. Nimisha: I work seven to eight hours a day. However, when I was doing R&D I have worked for 15 to 16 hours. I never saw whether it is a day or a night. My focus was on achieving success.

Hello Mumbai News: How has being an entrepreneur affected your family life?
Nimisha: Family life and professional life are interlinked. Many a times, workload does affect your family life. However, things can be managed with proper planning and family’s support. Each woman carries family’s responsibilities and trust. Family’s happiness is also paramount for her (a woman). I do not compromise on any of these.

I am able to fully concentrate at my work place because of my family support. I have made a system wherein I do not attend patients/clients after returning home. By now they know that I will respond to them once I get time. So, I speak to them (to the ones who need online consultation) on the next day when I go to office.

Hello Mumbai News: What motivates you?
Dr. Nimisha: I am motivated by all those who do hard work. Lots of people get success by working hard. My dream of achieving success keeps me motivated. Having said this, I would like to also say that I am inspired by my husband. I have been a witness to his hard work and dedication.

Hello Mumbai News: How do you generate ideas?
Nimisha: I have been practicing on beauty, hair and skin problems since 1994. I get ideas from the problems my clients/patients come to me with. I get to know their problems and also can realize what the solutions are. I also get to know what would they like.

Hello Mumbai News: What is your greatest fear and how do you manage fear?
Dr. Nimisha: At business meets, I get little affected when it comes to presenting what I do and looking at people’s success stories. However, then I think about the noble work that I have been doing. I feel that I am on the top. My achievements speak. People praise my work, they come on their own because they know I help them. I have devoted my precious time to this and done lots of R&D, something innovative. I haven’t done this for just earning money. When I think of all these things, my self-confidence increases automatically and I manage the fear.

Hello Mumbai News: What are your ideals?
Dr. Nimisha: All hard working people, who are never fed up of working and work with an idea of giving a helping hand to someone are my ideals.

Hello Mumbai News: How do you define success?
Dr. Nimisha: For me success is just not only money. It is about achieving the goal that I have set and it is also about having self-satisfaction.

Hello Mumbai News: Do you believe there is some sort of a pattern or formula for becoming a successful entrepreneur?
Dr. Nimisha: It is about having dedication, doing hard work and continuing in what you are doing. Every morning getting up with a thought that I will achieve success. Even if you do not achieve success, one needs to believe that one day it will be achieved.

Hello Mumbai News: What is your favourite aspect of being an entrepreneur?
Dr. Nimisha: It is giving best to the society. It is being able to help people to do away with their problems. Also, it is about how I go about doing it.

Hello Mumbai News: What has been the most satisfying moment in business?
Dr. Nimisha: It was when I got my first award. Innovative Business of the Year Award.

Hello Mumbai News: What piece of advice would you give to college graduates who want to be entrepreneurs?
Dr. Nimisha: There are a few things that I will like to tell them. They should create a plan, learn from every quarter and continue to work hard. They should read about product management and build their own leadership qualities.

Hello Mumbai News: If you had a chance to start your career over again what could you do definitely?
Dr. Nimisha: If I get a chance to start my career all over again, I will definitely become an entrepreneur only. I will become a capable entrepreneur, who can help women to stand on their own feet.

Hello Mumbai News: What would you say are the top three skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur?
Dr. Nimisha: Self-confidence, time management and immense hard work.

Hello Mumbai News: How do you build a successful customer base?
Dr. Nimisha: After getting funding, the next step was users or customers for my products. All my hair care,skin care,and make up products were research based,After doing a thorough R&D on my formulations,I used to produce a small size or do a trial production and distribute it amongst my family, friends, neighbors,my patients, doctor clientele.I would request the doctors to distribute free of cost to their patients who appeared in need of such Ayurvedic beauty products. Then,I would go a step further and do a follow for feedback on my products after 2 months. I must have performed about a thousand such experiments and got positive reviews on almost all.some of those were happy with products that they my regular cnd would order the products they HD liked.Aftwr this initial resounding success I realized that I would need additional advertising and marketing campaigns to continue to be in the public eye.So,I started upgrading my knowledge database on marketing and marketing strategies. I started giving free seminars on my products to increase awareness on their positive differences from other products available on the market and the advantages of my products as well as their results from my trials.There is already a growing awareness in the public today about the need to adopt natural, chemical free products for body care.And the Unique Selling Proposition of my products are in total alignment to this awareness. The additional use of the growing digital social media platforms helped me acquire a large and loyal customer base and it is growing a little more everyday

Hello Mumbai News: what’s your message on international women’s day for women
Dr. Nimisha: It is worth compromising one’s health for superficial,external beauty. Beauty is but skin deep,health is wealth!it is much more important to accept the God-given,natural beauty than to run after what society perceives as beautiful .A beautiful mind with self confidence is more attractive than any physical attributes achieved at the cost of health and personal fitness

Hello Mumbai News: what was the key driving force to become an entrepreneur?
Dr. Nimisha: from childhood ,whenever I used cosmetics,I used to develop several allergic reactions to the extent that I had to visit a dermatologist for treatment. So I spent my growing years without using any cosmetic. When I joined the college of Ayurveda, I saw this glimmer of hope that may be able to use these products if they were formulated in a different way.As my interest and my study found a common path,I realized that there were several women like me who could not one make up and other beauty products like me due to similar allergic reactions that I faced .I realized that products that I was planning on developing using the secrets of Ayurveda had the potential of a huge market and that is when entrepreneur here in me.

Hello Mumbai News: How did you come up with the name for your company?
Dr. Nimisha: There dream of formulating and launching an Ayurvedic cosmetic brand that wad totally harmful chemicals freeand totally based on Ayurveda was a concept that not many had discovered. I was intending to introduce the world to beauty products (including a lipstic which is so far unheard of in beauty brands) that were more popular in the glamour world but having a genuine green or organic and Ayurvedic component. That is how I coined the name .Glam from glamour and Greens from the green of Ayurveda.

Hello Mumbai News: what entrepreneur tricks have you discovered to keep you focused and productive in your day-to-day busy schedule?
Dr. Nimisha: If an entrepreneur has to stay focused amidst a busy schedule, and still be highly productive, some tricks need to be adopted. Primary is work management ethics and proper planning aswell as distributed of the work within a team.Assigning the work as per the skills of each team member and regular delegation of the work to keep yourself free to perform the activities that you are skilled at to bring about results is the best way to grow your business.

Hello Mumbai News: who has been your greatest inspiration?
Dr. Nimisha: My greatest inspiration ans motivators are my family: my husband and my children. They have always encouraged me to pursue my vocation and follow my dreams. They want me to be recognized by my work and my research and constantly motivate me to grow in this line.You can say that they are my backbone and my strength in whatever endeavors I undertake. With them backing my every move and action the sky is the limit for me.

Hello Mumbai News: What key activities would you recommend entrepreneurs to invest their time in?
Dr. Nimisha: I advise 3 routine activities for successful entrepreneurship:
Hard work
Meticulous execution of the same
Aiming for perfection in the same.

Hello Mumbai News: How did you raise funding for your venture?
Dr. Nimisha: Obtaining the finance for my project was easy for me because my family believed in me and my research as well as my products and with their whole hearted support, it was easy to get substantial and sufficient funding for my venture.

Hello Mumbai News: How do you market your business and which tactics have been most successful?
Dr. Nimisha: As mentor above, I have used a mixture of several marketing tactics that have served well to market my business successfully.
●Intial free sampling of the trial products samples
● Timely reviews framed users .
●Changes to formulations as per the feedback.
● Seminars to increase public awareness of my products.
●Digital media and social media marketing strategies.

Recognitions and Achievements:

Innovative Business of the Year Award in 2021 given by Vyapar Jagat Convention and awards

Homegrown buiseness of the year award in 2021given by Vyapar Jagat Convention award

Woman of Excellence Award in 2022 given by women of excellence organizations

Merak 2022 Appreciation Award given by Happibiz

Super 11 Naritva Award in 2022 given by women of excellence organization

Green Revolution Drive panel discussion speaker in 2022 organized by Vyapar Jagat

Eminent speaker at fremprenior 2023 talk show (success story by Indian Women Entrepreneurs)
In 2022 organized by Vyapar Jagat

95 Radio one coverage her success story at WONDER WOMANIA talk show

Best Product Award in 2022 by Vyapar jagat convention and awards

Wellness and Beauty Award in 2023 by Vypar jagat convention and awards

Appreciation Certificate given by Radio 1 FM 93.5 in 2023

Articles in print and mentions on FMs in 2020

Vice president of Bharatiya Women Vyapar Mandal Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Wicci Gujarat msme council member


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