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    Meet Panipat based Entrepreneur Aarti Shingla who has planted 1000 Trees


    Panipat is a Vibrant city based out in Haryana. The city is creditably recognised for its grandiose, history and industrial development. The city has always attracted historians towards it.

    Panipat has historical references with heritage structures dating back to the times of Mahabharata when it used to be called as Panduprastha. Panipat has encouraged Woman Entrepreneurs who have with their hidden skills have embraced Entrepreneurship.

    Today Women have challenged every stereotypical notion, have pioneered the art of making a mark and have motivated and inspired the heart of many.

    As the nation is transforming its economic and social development status through women-owned businesses, a few female dynamos have ascended to fame with their stellar entrepreneurship skills.

    One such enterprising woman to dabble into entrepreneurship is Aarti Shingla.

    Aarti is the president of Roshni Foundation which has more than 1000 members across Panipat and also an active Social Entrepreneur. She hosts parties on various occasions and goes all out to render help to the needy and deserving. She has been into this since the past Three years.

    Aarti is also connected to various Clubs and apart a housewife, she also runs Ladies Wing and Gents Wing Organizations under Roshni Foundation.

    It is a matter of immense pride that hailing from Panipat, Aarti has planted more then 1000 Trees during the year between 2019-2022.

    Notably, it’s a big deal besides a housewife and into social service, but she has gathered a team to handle all this work.

    To sum up Aarti is not only an enterprising, but, a courageous Woman Entrepreneur.



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